Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Rolling Project Pan 2019/Intro

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This year I decided to do a Project Pan. If you don’t know what that is it is when you decide to pan or use up a certain number of beauty products by a certain time. This is the first year I am doing a project pan. I am linking up with Jacks Lorraine.
Who has a Cruelty-Free makeup, beauty, and lifestyle channel on YouTube. She doesn't know me personally but I am linking up with her 2019 project pan. She is also doing a rolling pan where if one item gets used up then you pick another item in its place. I will link her YouTube video after this post with her project pan 2019 intro. The first item to be panned in her project is a makeup product that is old or near expiration. I am choosing Nyx Butter Gloss in Éclair. I’ve had this product for a really long time and it is nearing its expiration. Luckily, I’ve used a majority of it so I think panning it this year is doable. I love to use it as a gloss topper over my lipstick or lip liner. Éclair is such a neutral pink color that it looks great over any color.

The second product is a challenge product. One that you don’t tend to reach for very often. For me this is the Wet N Wild MegaGlo Contouring Palette
in Dulce De Leche. I picked this palette up in the summer. I thought for the summer it was great but then when fall came a seemed a bit dark for my fair skin. And This is the lighter shade. If you have medium toned skin then this product would probably work all year round. But, I really want to pan this and give it another try and see how I feel about it.
The third product is a walk the plank product. One that you don’t hate but also don’t love. For me this is the L.A. Girl Glazed lip paint. I love the color which is in the color Bombshell. I really love a vibrant pink lip especially in the summertime. But, sadly I’ve hardly reached for this since I got it. It is not the easiest product to work with. So, I am adding it to my project pan to get more uses out of it this year before it gets decluttered. Maybe I will end up liking this product after all.
The Fourth product is A product that you really enjoy and love using. For me that is the Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in the color Blossom Glow. I bought this product and a bunch of Wet N’ Wild product due to their cruelty free status. And The fact that they are a drugstore brand that is easy to find. They have now become one of my absolute favorite makeup brands. This Highlighting powder has some major glow to it. I love how it looks on my face as a highlight. For some people it might be a bit strong but I love it. This should be easy for me to pan this year since it is my go to highlighter.

The fifth product is a product that you don’t love. I have to say I don’t dislike this product but I received it as a gift and just don’t find myself reaching for it. It is the jane iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in the color Forever Pink.
I have not used it as a cheek stain but I think for a project pan I will try it out for my lips and cheek stain.
The sixth product is a product that fits the season. For me that is the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Dewy Face Primer. Since my skin tends to get very dry in the winter. Plus, I already have a backup so I am eager to use this up. I love that it has a tint to it.
The seventh product is a forgotten about product. For me that is the Nyx Professional Makeup Hot Singles Eye Shadow in the color Innocent which also falls under a product that is limited edition or no longer available. Sadly, I can no longer find the color innocent so I don’t know if they still make it or not. I love this color as a blending shade and for the crease. It’s been neglected since I started using eyeshadow palettes but I want to go back to using some single shadows in my collection especially this one. I’ve already hit pan on it so I’m hopeful that this year I can use it up even more if not completely.

The 8th product is an easy product. For me that is the OFRA Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil. I received this in an Ipsy bag awhile ago and never used it. It can be a bit dark and is not really universal. However, I’ve come to really enjoy this product. I would probably not repurchase this product but I do know that I can use it up this year.
The 9th product is a product that is brand you would not repurchase from this is also a product that I believe the color is no longer available. So, it would fit into the No longer in production or limited edition category. That is the Hikari lipstick in Cabernet. On their website it says they are cruelty free but I don’t know much about this brand. I also can not find them on Ulta’s website. I like the color but I just don’t reach for it and could no longer purchase this color since I believe it is no longer available. My goal is to use as much of this as I can and then declutter it if it is not used up by the end of the year. Don't mind the cat hair in the picture. Life of a cat mom.

The tenth product in my 2019 project pan is the Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Ticket to Brazil. I am already about ready to hit pan on this bronzer and use it everyday that I wear makeup. This is my wild card product. It is one of my favorite products and something I would repurchase after using it up.

So, there you have it. My 10 Rolling project pan items to use up by 2020. I will be updating monthly on my progress so keep a look out for that. Cruelty Free Makeup Brands List from Phyrra Nix.


Sunday, January 6, 2019

Lessons I learned in 2018 and Goals for 2019

Lessons I Learned in 2018

And Goals for 2019

Last year was a whirlwind for me. Life, anxiety, and depression got in the way of my blog and goals. But, I also learned lessons last year that will stay with me forever. Plus, I’ve got amazing new goals for 2019. I am actually excited for the New Year and reaching my goals and living a life that I am truly passionate about. Here are some lessons I learned and my goals for 2019.

Perfection is a myth:

I used to always think I had to be perfect. I was so hard on myself even when I didn’t need to be. I judged myself against others. With my blog, My Youtube channel when I was in a direct sales business, and other side hustles and various businesses I’ve tried over the years. I would compare myself to others, or judge how I did my makeup because I was not/ nor am a professional makeup artists, Or did not have a $500 camera for Youtube. So, I put my goals and dreams on the backburner. Even with this blog. It wasn’t until last year that I realized if I chased perfection then I would never allow myself to do the things I am passionate about. I am not perfect no one is and that’s perfectly okay. I learned it’s about my own self-worth and radical self-love. So this year I am going to stop chasing perfection and instead do the things I’ve always wanted to do but put off for so long. Don’t let the myth of perfection stop you from reaching your goals or doing something you are passionate about.

Ask for help:

I am one who hates asking or accepting help of any kind. It is not because I think I can do something better than someone else but because asking for help in my mind meant I was a failure if I couldn’t do something on my own. Obviously, this is not true and was another lesson I learned last year. My agoraphobia got so bad and my anxiety was getting worse and it was creating a depression that I hadn’t experienced in a really long time. I tried everything holistic and natural. Did yoga and meditation which I still do and swear by. But, everything only took the edge off temporarily. I felt like I was always running from a tiger. This caused depression, craving junk food, and putting on weight because I was always stressed out and drained. After much deliberation I decided to go on medication. I had been on it before but I got off of it thinking I was fine. I was for awhile but as the years went by I realized I needed to ask for help. I was in counseling and still am. I still do all my spiritual practices I’ve talked about on this blog. But, the only difference is now I have another tool which is medication. Obviously, going on medication is not right for everyone but if you need help there is nothing wrong with reaching out to a friend or relative, getting on medication, or seeking out counseling. Don’t not take care of yourself because of what other people might think. My agoraphobia is virtually gone. My anxiety is a lot less than it used to be. I can actually focus on getting back to doing things that I love and am passionate about. It took a bit of tweaking to find the right combo of medication for me but I realized asking for help is a good thing. We all can use some help now and then. There is nothing to be ashamed about. And you are not a failure and never will be. You do you boo.

The Sacredness of solitude:

I truly believe in sacred self-care. There is nothing wrong with taking some time away from your spouse, children, relatives, boss, or friends to focus on your own self-care.  It could be blogging, a side hustle, relaxing, resting, journaling, or Yoga and meditation. These are examples as there are many more ways to practice self-care. What is important is making your passions and self a priority. This was something I lost sight of last year. This year I am going to spend more time in self-care and doing things I am passionate about. We can’t serve or help others when we are drained, exhausted, and depressed. We need sacred self-care to fill our heart, mind, body, and soul. We need solitude to help us be able to serve and give to others without depleting our own energy reserves. I stopped taking calls after 9PM. Unless it is an emergency it can wait till the next day. This girl needs her sleep and goddess time. Setting boundaries is also a part of sacred self-care.

Goals for 2019

I am going back to school at the age of 31 almost 32. I’m excited and of course nervous. But, this year I am going to rock my classes and work on getting certifications.

I am up-leveling my blog. Something I said last year. But, I also am making some changes to my blog. It is going in a slightly new direction. I will be focusing on fashion, cruelty free beauty (I went cruelty free in October 2018 posts before this might not be cruelty free makeup brands), And doing unboxings. However, I still will be posting some other lifestyle posts as well. So, you will still get the content that you enjoy. I will write a post in the future about how I am up-leveling my blog this year.

I am finally starting my Youtube channel. It will be Fashion, cruelty-free makeup, and subscription unboxing based. Look for tutorials, hauls, and more.

I am getting a Poshmark closet set up. Hopefully to be launched in February 2019.

Posting More on Instagram. I’m not on Facebook much anymore but you can find me on Instagram @Christinajeanne1 and I created a new account for some future business ventures @thefearlessgoddesscircle.
Getting back to Carb Cycling and Cycle Syncing. You might have read my earlier posts about cycle syncing. Last year I put some weight back on that I had lost. This year it is about feeling healthy, having energy, and loving my body no matter what. But, of course if I lose weight in the process I wouldn’t mind. I’ve been loving doing The Tracy Anderson method, Buti Yoga, and of course I still do my Kundalini yoga. I also plan on starting ShaktiRasa which is a yoga Katie Silcox from Shakti school created. It is a form of asana and Tantra practices.

I will update you on my journey as it unfolds. What are your goals for 2019?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

My 5 Year Blogiversary

I can't believe I've had my blog for the past 5 years today. When I started this blog I really just wanted an outlet to be myself and to talk about my passions and dreams. I wanted an outlet to share pictures of my cats, my family, and my life. An outlet besides Facebook and Instagram. I wanted to tell my stories. Over time, I used my blog as an outlet to share about my anxiety and about living my passions and working my way towards my dreams. I am still working on these things and I am grateful that I can continue this journey and share this journey with others. 

I neglected this blog at times. Life got in the way. At times my depression and anxiety got the best of me. But, I always keep coming back to blogging and writing. At the end of 2017, I decided I was going to up-level my blog and really work on my blogging goals. In March I got a bit off track but I am excited to jump back into my goals. To jump back into living my passions and making my dreams and goals come true one step at a time. 

My life has changed so much over the past 5 years. I'm currently 31 when I started the blog I was 27.  I've moved three times over the past 5 years. I've gotten back into my self-care practice. I've discovered goals and dreams. I started working on my book again. I've gotten sidetracked by life and illness but I always pick myself back up. In other ways, my life has really not changed all that much. But, I am excited to see what this year blogging will bring and what changes will occur throughout this year. 

Here are my 5 year and one-year blog stats. I got the original idea from Farm Girl Miriam who recently had her 5 year Blog anniversary as well. She is one of my blogger inspirations. 

 126 Blog Posts
48,590 page views
My Most Popular Post of the Year: How To Create A self Care Routine When you are burned out 522 Views


My most popular post was Self-care is not Selfish with 236 views


My most popular post was The Miracle Morning with 134 views 


In June My most popular post was Overnight Oats!!! Cause that's How I Roll!! With 141 Views


My most popular and only post was The Magic of Solitude and Sacred Space with 56 views. Even though it didn't get many views it is one of my favorite posts that I've written. 


In October my most popular post was Wake up calls and Sacred Self-care with 64 views. I started shifting my focus on self-care and talking about finding my balance again and listening to my heart with all the rawness that can come up in life. 


In November my only post was Creativity as a spiritual practice with 66 views


In December my most popular post was The Power Of Being A Woman with 81 views


In January my most popular post was Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For the Wildly unique woman with 127 views 


In February my most popular post was How to Create a self-care routine when you are burned out with 522  views. My most popular post of February and the year. 


In March I posted one post. My Goddess Time Self-Care Routine. As of right now, this post has 180 views. 

I've enjoyed blogging the past 5 years. As you can see some months this year I didn't post. And this year I want to work on blogging monthly, up leveling my blog, reaching more people (and hopefully inspiring others), Talking more about my anxiety and how I'm dealing with it, and writing my book. 

I am excited to see where my blogging journey takes me this year and beyond. And I'm thankful to everyone who has read my blog and stuck by me in these past 5 years even when I haven't been super consistent. And everyone who is new to reading my blog as well. 


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Idea's For The Cat Mom

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Mother's day is right around the corner. There are all kinds of parents including moms to fur babies. I myself am a proud cat mom.
So if you are honoring a woman in your life who is a cat mom or even just want to get something for yourself. I've put together this Gift Guide for the cat mom. 

Rosanna All You Need Is Love Cat Mom Mug- I think this is a really cute mug. It's black and gold and says Cat Mom on it. Perfect for the cat mom who also loves coffee or tea.

Pfaltzgraff Cat Mom Mug- Another cat mom mug. This mug is currently $7 so it is cute and affordable. Also Gold and White.

Purr Our Conversation Sweatshirt- A great conversation starter shirt for the cat mom who loves to talk about her furbabies. Comes in XL and XXL as well as smaller sizes.

Mix No. 6 Kitty Crew Socks - Women's - I included this is my Valentine's day gift guide but these socks are seriously cute so I wanted to include them again for my Mother's day gift guide.

Betsey Johnson Two-Tone Pave Black Crystal Cat Stud Earrings- These earrings are sparkly, by Betsey Jonhson, and remind me of my cat Lucky. Plus, they are currently on sale.

Betsey Johnson Antique Gold-Tone Cat Stud Earrings- these earrings remind me of my cat Harley Rose. Also, currently on sale.

9 Lives Cats Card- I think this is the cutest card for a cat lover. It says "I'd spend all nine lives with you."

I hope you enjoyed this Mother's day gift guide for the cat mom. I handpicked all these items to feature with love.

Monday, April 2, 2018

What it's really like to have Anxiety and How I Deal With It

*This post contains affiliate links. This means that I  may receive a small commission if you decide to purchase any of the linked products or services. For more info,  please see my full disclosure policy.

This is a blog post that I’ve been wanting to write for quite a few years now. Almost since I started my blog. I literally had a draft saved for probably three years called living with anxiety. But, it never seemed like the right time to write it. Honestly, anxiety and depression are often not shed in the best light and they have a stigma attached to them.

One of the main things people will say to me is “just think positive” or “get over it” “stop using anxiety as an excuse.” These are some of the worst things you can say to someone who has anxiety.

1st telling people to just think positive is a great idea. But, it’s not that simple. I love the law of attraction and I do believe that gratitude can help. Thinking negatively 24/7 has never helped me in the long run. So, yes I do believe in finding something. Even one thing to be grateful for can make a huge difference. Keeping a daily gratitude journal even if you are grateful for your morning coffee, or your kids, or a beloved pet. Even finding one thing can really help to get out from under the cloud that anxiety and depression causes. However, you can’t magically think positive thoughts. I think telling someone that is unrealistic. I do believe in the power of affirmations. I first discovered affirmations by reading You can heal your life by Louise Hay. I started using affirmative prayer and affirmations when I was in a very dark place with my depression. At the time it was very hard for me to think positive at all. Over the years when I’ve included affirmations with other things like yoga, journaling, and even professional help it helps me much more. I also like to write affirmations down and post them around the house. One of the things I love that Louise taught was mirror work. Even just looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that you love you. Often times, it can be so hard for us to accept ourselves and love ourselves especially when we live with anxiety. We feel like the reason we can’t do things and live a normal life is our own fault. We regret the things that we didn’t or couldn't do because of our anxiety. Often times it is the person with anxiety who is harder on themselves than others. When other people are hard on the person with anxiety it is often because they don’t understand what actually happens to a person when they have anxiety and what they are going through on a daily basis.

The second thing people often say in my experience is to get over it or stop using anxiety as an excuse. Most people with anxiety wish they didn't have it. We don’t ask to have anxiety and this just makes it feel like it’s our own fault. Which in turn can lead to depression. I know for me the biggest thing that causes my depression is having anxiety. I also have agoraphobia which means it is hard for me to go out alone and I’m always afraid of being in public places especially when they are really crowded. I would love to travel and live a “normal” life so not being able to do these things adds to my depression. If it was that easy for people to get over anxiety believe me we would. This is not something anyone wants to have. So, if you know someone with anxiety then it is important to be mindful. Apart of my fear is also that I will get a panic attack. Anyone who has suffered a panic attack knows how scary those can be. That can prevent people with anxiety from going out and doing things because they are afraid of having another panic attack.

Some people with panic attacks aren't sure what is going on at first. The symptoms are not just mental but can be physical as well. This can make it even scarier for the person with anxiety and panic attacks. Symptoms include increased heart rate, hyperventilating, sweating or chills, trembling, fatigue, and feeling dizzy. There are more symptoms as well. I have had all these at one time or another and it can be very scary for the person going through it.

Over the years I have learned ways to minimize my anxiety. I haven’t gotten rid of it and I’m not sure I’ll ever truly get rid of it. First, when I go out or I know I’m going to be around a lot of people I try to deep breathe. This helps to keep me grounded. I also will practice cognitive behavioral therapy and turn my thoughts from negative into positive. This is where affirmations really come in handy. As well as gratitude. I try to shift my thoughts instead of focusing on fear I focus on the positive. This does not always get rid of my anxiety or panic but it does make situations more bearable for me. The second thing I try to do when I’m in the midst of panic or anxiety is to be mindful. I will try to find a physical object to focus on. This can be a candle, a plant, a tree, or anything that catches my attention. Personally, nature is my favorite thing to gaze at when I’m feeling anxious but if there is no window I will utilize what is around me. I will try to just be in the present and enjoy the moment which can be really hard for those with anxiety and panic. But, it does give me moments of relief and makes social situations more bearable.
Some things I like to do on a daily basis are soul writing and journaling. Journaling is a great tool for getting all the muck out of our head. Especially when you have anxiety, worry, and panic all these what if thoughts can pop up in our heads. So, for me I like to get all that out in a journal or notebook. If you are worried about others seeing it you can rip up the pages and throw them away when done. I will try to write at least three pages but usually more. How many pages you write is up to you. Some days it might one or two others it might be 10. Then I always try to shift my focus to the positive. I will write a gratitude list and a prayer. There are also many journals you can utilize as well.
A guide like the Mental Health Journal Guide for Anxiety is a great place to start. Use code christina15 at checkout.
Another journal I recommend is The Stay Sacred Journal. This has really helped me to start my morning with positive thinking. It is a 21-day journal that helps to tap you into your goals, divine feminine, and positive affirmations.  

Meditation and yoga are also a major part of my practice. I’ve done many different meditations over the years but my favorites are visualization, mantra, vipassana, and Flowdreaming. I really like the meditation on the Flowdreaming app called Instant Anxiety Relief. I will use this when I start to feel anxious or before I go someplace that I know might produce more anxiety. Yoga has also helped me tremendously over the years. It helps to ground me and get me back in my body and focusing on my breath. Exercise is a great grounding tool as well. So, is going outside and getting some fresh air or splashing some cold water on your face. If I find myself in the midst of panic I will also utilize going outside and breathing in the fresh air. This can help me almost immediately to calm down. You can even take it a step further by earthing. Putting your bare feet on the ground (as long as it is safe to do so) and/or touching a tree with your bare hands if you can’t take your shoes off. There really is something to be said for hugging a tree. Nature does have it’s own natural calming effects.

Another thing that really helps with my anxiety either before I go somewhere that I know will be anxiety producing or to do on a daily basis is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) This is when you tap on your meridian points and set up statements. These usually are statements that are true such as “I am so anxious right now but I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.” or “even though I have this anxiety I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Then you would say true statements like “I’m so anxious at this party right now, I’m worried no one likes me.” Then you switch to positive statements and affirmations for the final tapping round. I love listening to Brad Yates and Margaret Lynch they have some great videos for free on YouTube as well.

These are just a handful of ways that I deal with my anxiety. There are many more ways that you can deal with it as well. If you are really struggling then I suggest seeking out a professional like a counselor or psychiatrist. This blog post is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent a mental Health issue or any disease. Please see a professional for your mental health or physical health if you have a mental health issue or illness. This is only my personal experience and everyone is different.

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