Friday, May 9, 2014

5 Goals for May

Welcome to five on Friday. For this Week I am going to post 5 goals for May. By the way I was not paid or compensated for sharing these sites.

1. Do a 30 day Green Juice Smoothie Diet/Cleanse. Tuesday was the first day getting back to it. I decided to do this cleanse because I have been slacking off on my eating lately and really need to get back to eating clean. Plus, I need to eat more veggies. You can read more about the challenge Here

 2. Do the Bikini Series from Tone it up. These girls looks amazing and I need to get back into a fitness/exercise routine even if I just do something for 15 minutes a day. I am not saying I'll be bikini ready but it is a start. You can find out more Here if you want to join the Bikini series.

 3. Get back to my yoga practice. These last few months I have been so busy I've barely had time to breathe. I need to relax and take more time for myself. And not just being hooked up to social media. I watched a video the other day (online) about how connected we are to social media. How people do not take the time to spend with there family, kids, pets, and spouses. How by being so connected we can miss the important moments in life. I am not going to lie this brought me to tears. I wasn't balling like a baby but I did cry. It made me realize how I do sometimes neglect my cats, my family, my friends, and myself to be online. You can watch the video here.

4. Be a Spirit Junkie. I haven't been meditating or praying too much these last few months. See above. I've been feeling very disconnected from nature and from myself lately. I know this does not help my depression or my anxiety. Lately I've been feeling more anxious then usual and I know my meditation practice and prayer helps to calm me down.

 5. Start organizing my closet and my house. I need to do some spring cleaning. Also because me and my mom will be moving the end of August or the beginning of September. I don't know where yet and I have no idea what the future has in store for me at this moment. In the meantime I have to get the house together. This month will mostly be throwing things away and organizing.


And the Song for this week is "Shake it out" by Florence and the Machine Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine on Grooveshark

  photo 31e53412-bd95-4b60-a2cf-cd40dc297a33_zps9586a904.jpg


  1. I love that quote! Probably just the thing I needed to read tonight :)

  2. I need to get back into yoga and get organized too- thanks for the gentle reminder!


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