Thursday, May 15, 2014

Some Firsts

Today I am linking up with Helene And Sarah For the First Total Social Blog and Social Media linkup.

Helene in Between

My First Facebook Page Post

I tried to Find my First official profile page post but it was so far back I thought I would never find it. I wish I knew what it was though. That would be interesting to see.

 My First Twitter Picture



My First Instagram Photo



My first official legal drink at 21. It was a margarita.

My first official full fledged Halloween makeup. I have celebrated Halloween most of my life. But, this was the first time I did my whole face in makeup for the costume. It was actually more makeup then costume but I thought it looked amazing. I did not do it myself I had someone else do it. I wish I was this talented with makeup.

My first blog was back when I was 18 on Xanga and then my second one was on blogger. My first blog post on blogger was back in 2006. I had that blog for 4 years. My first post for this blog was Back on the blogging bandwagon.

Those are some of my firsts. I can't wait to read yours.

 photo 31e53412-bd95-4b60-a2cf-cd40dc297a33_zps9586a904.jpg


  1. i love the halloween makeup! looks so fun!

  2. That first twitter pic makes me want to go to a bakery and have pastries for dinner!

  3. that Halloween makeup looks so amazing!

  4. The Halloween makeup is awesome. And I really like the quote on your first Facebook post.


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