Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Little about Me

My name is Christina and I blog over here at Just Miss C. I found this from one of my Favorite Bloggers Liz over at Fitness Blondie. And with her permission I decided to use this to share a bit about myself.

Favorite Color:

Fushia, Hot pink, and purple

Favorite Movie:

I actually have two. The Time Travelers Wife  and The Notebook.

Favorite TV show:

Criminal Minds. Morgan and Reid are my Favorite characters.

Favorite Book:

Wild by Cheryl Strayed and Eat, Pray, Love

Favorite Song:

Shake it out by Florence and the Machine and Gangsta by Kat Dahlia

Favorite Band:

 All That Remains and Florence & the Machine

Favorite Female Musician:

Lana Del Rey

Favorite Male Musician:

Ed Sheeran and Keith Urban

Favorite Actress: 

 Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Actor:

Bradley Cooper

Favorite Sport:

Um, I don't really watch sports. I will occasionally watch Football though. Does Horse racing count as a sport?

Favorite Physical Trait on a Male:

Tattoos!!! OMG so sexy. For an actual physical trait the first thing I usually notice besides tattoos is arm muscles. Not too bulky though. And eyes. I love deep soulful eyes.

Favorite personality trait in a male: 

A sense of humor. If you can make me laugh that is so important. I can't stay mad at someone who makes me laugh. Also a guy that is genuine. Not trying to pretend to be someone else. Their is something about a guy who is genuinely interested in you.

Favorite Brand of makeup:


Favorite physical feature on yourself:

My Boobs haha and My Eyes. I've also been told I have a nice booty. 

Favorite Handbag brand:

Betsey Johnson

Favorite Clothing Store:

T.J. Maxx my mom works there so I buy a lot of my clothes from there

Favorite Shoes to wear:

Flats and Gym Shoes

Favorite Food:


Favorite Drink (non alcoholic):

Arnold Palmer

Favorite Drink (alcoholic):


Favorite type of Vacation:

Staying in a hotel in a nice town by the lake

Favorite Genre of music:


Favorite name for a Boy:

Deacon and Boden

Favorite name for a girl:

Skye and Piper

Favorite Dessert:

Peanut Butter cup Ice Cream

Favorite Car:

Mustang Convertable

Favorite Hobby:

Blogging and watching movies

Favorite Cardio:

Tabata  and Running Walking

Favorite Muscle group to work: 

My Biceps

Favorite Healthy meal to create:

My Gluten Free Turkey Burger and my Homemade Tacos

That was actually a bit harder then I thought. I hope you enjoyed reading more about me and if their is anything else you would like to know about me Feel Free to ask me in the comments. Also ,tell me a bit about yourself that I might not already know.

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  1. I must know, what is Tabata??? Love Q&A posts :)

  2. Horse racing does count! .. Lana Del Ray just soothes the soul doesnt she?? And I love the name Deacon!


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