Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 2014 Ipsy Bag

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I was very excited to get my second Ipsy Bag. I was not super pleased with My First bag but I have to say I enjoyed this bag much better then the first one. First of all I think this pink bag is very cute. I enjoyed my Rebecca Minkoff bag from last month but I love bright colors. It looks like leather but it is actually a plastic bag.

 Bareminerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Cream Eyeshadow in Divine Wine:
I saw almost everyone got this in their bag this month. The color when swatched looks like a very dark taupe color with some purple shimmer. When I wore it, it went from looking very neutral to almost black or dark grey when it dried. I actually am a big fan of dark eye colors and really don't have a shade like this. It can dry sticky if you apply too much though. My eyes also got irritated and honestly I am not sure if it was from using this eyeshadow or my allergies. My one eye was fine but my other eye got irritated. I removed the eyeshadow and it is very hard to take off. So, I guess that is actually a plus. I honestly don't think it was the eyeshadow that irritated my eye just allergies and the eye makeup made it worse. I plan on trying it again once my allergies calm down.

Tints and Sass Lip and Cheek Stain in Cherry:
I have never tried a lip and cheek stain before. I think this packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, I love that the product is not tested on animals. I did not try it on my cheeks just my lips. It goes on and looks like a red but dries to a dark pink to light red. It made my lips look like they where naturally redder then normal. I also liked this because it was something I had to constantly have to reapply.

Faith Citrus Ginger Lotion:
I got a lot of citrus Ginger products in my boxes this month. I haven't tried the lotion yet because like I said in my Birchbox Review between Birchbox and Ipsy I have a lot of other lotions to try. I will eventually get to it though and use it.

Pur-lisse Sunscreen:
I do not really use sunscreen. I get a foundation that has spf in it. I am not a big sun person and am never in the sun. The only time sun hits me is when I'm in the car. But, if I do go out in the sun then I do need an spf as I tend to burn and not tan. So, this will get use at some point this summer I'm sure. This also came in the July boxycharm which I don't subscribe to.

POP Bronzer:
This is a really nice Bronzer. I honestly don't have any Bronzer's and have never tried them before. But, I was excited to get this product because I have been wanting to try a bronzer. It is not too dark which is good for my fair skin tone. It will just give me a slight pop of color. And it's called POP so that is pretty funny. It has some slight shimmer which is nice but won't make me look like I'm wearing mounds of glitter on my face.

 Overall, I am very pleased with this Ipsy. I love getting makeup instead of just skincare products. Ipsy won over my Birchbox this month for giving me so many makeup products. Plus, an adorable bag that I will be using again and again. Ipsy is a $10 a monthly subscription box/bag. You can fill out a profile and the items will be customized based on your preferences. You can also review the products to also help customize future Ipsy bags. If you are interested in this subscription I have a link. You don't have to use it but it would be appreciated since I pay for this myself. This is not a sponsored post. If you sign up using my link I get points to earn a FREE product in a future IPSY bag.

July 2014 Birchbox

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links

This month's box was a bit different and I really liked the design. It also came with blue wrapping paper. I like to keep these boxes to store the products in.

I was excited as always to receive my Birchbox. This month's theme for July 2014 was Power up and Birchbox teamed up with Women's Health. The box came with a booklet on tips for staying healthy and a one year subscription to Women's health. However, I will forgo the subscription as I am not a huge fan of receiving paper magazines. I used to get them all the time but, they take up space. I would much rather order the digital copy of the magazine. I am not sure that is an option so I will have to look into that. 

There where lots of great products this month and products I will use. 

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk:
I haven't tried this product yet but I am a big fan of dry shampoos. My hair is really thin and does not have much volume and get's oily really fast. Especially in the summer months. So, I always like to use dry shampoo to give my hair a bit of lift. I have heard oat is really good for the skin and hair. So, I am excited to try this product. 

NAOBAY Body radiance Lotion: 
This smells good. It has more of a natural clean smell. It also smells a bit spicy like ginger and lemon. I haven't tried this yet as I still have another lotion I am using that I really want to use up first. I think this is a generous size because I got another size like this in my Birchbox about two months ago and am still using it. Between my Ipsy and Birchbox I am well stocked up on lotion and perfume. 

Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner- Raina:
This is a beautiful Royal blue color. I am excited about this product because I don't have an eyeliner color like this. I have a greenish aqua blue with shimmer which I really like. I like that this is a pencil and more matte looking. 

Vasanti Cosmetics Detox Rich Purifying Facial Cleanser:
I tried this product as I was out of a facial cleanser. It did leave my face feeling clean. It goes on more like a lotion and does not really suds up. It did not seem to remove all my makeup though. So, I would suggest using a makeup remover and then using this product. I am going to try and use it that way. It definitely has a clean soap smell to it.

100% Pure Gingerade Shower Gel:
This was marked as being an extra. I did not open them as they are in two foil packets. I had hoped these packets would be bigger but they are the size of ketchup packets. When I use them I imagine I will need to use both packets. I haven't tried it yet as I am actually not a huge fan of body washes. I want to try to use them more but I have very sensitive skin so I'm a bit cautious when it comes to trying new things. I usually use a hypoallergenic soap. I have used Fresh detox body milk bath in the past and liked that. So, I wonder if this will be similar to that product.


Overall, I was very pleased with my Box. This is my third Birchbox and I always enjoy getting this box and will continue to get it. I just wish I got more makeup although getting the body products is not bad and I will eventually use them. Birchbox is $10 dollars a month and is a monthly subscription box. You can fill out a profile and they will tailor the  products to the things you like as much as possible. If you would like to sign up you can use my link. However, you don't have to. I get points to go towards future purchases if you do. As Always I pay for this box myself. This is not a sponsored post.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

I saw this Quiz and thought it looked really fun. So, I had to try it. Head on over to Two Thirds Hazel to download the application and participate.

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July Love With Food

*Disclaimer: This post contains Affiliate Links.

I am so excited that I received my very first Love with Food Box for July. One of the things that initially attracted me to Love With Food is that they offer healthy snack options since I try to eat Gluten-Free as much as possible. Most of the snacks but not all are Gluten-free. They will be coming out with an all Gluten-Free box in August. I get the Tasting box which is $12 dollars a month. I got my box last month for $2 dollars with a coupon code. I believe anyone who signs up new you get your first box for free. You just pay the $2 dollars for shipping. If you do sign up I would appreciate if you used my link but you do not have to. If you use my link I get points to go towards buying food products in the future. I do purchase this box with my own money.

 Love With Food comes in a nice hefty package. None of my items where crushed or broken upon arrival.

The First Item in the Box was:

 Snack bar by 2 Degrees:
 I got it in an apple flavor. I actually thought it was pretty good and enjoyed it. However, it was almost to sweet for me. I think I would have preferred a peanut butter flavor. It does make a great snack or breakfast when you are on the go.

South Asian Snacks by Zouq:
 I actually am a fan of trail mix. I thought I would like these but honestly I could not even finish them. They where just too spicy for me. I actually do like spicy foods but the combination of spices was not for me. In one flavor it tasted like curry. In another flavor it tasted like pepper. I do not like pepper and the curry was too much for my taste buds. I ended up throwing the rest away.

 Dutch Cocoa by SummerSaults:
 I was not sure I would like these since I normally am not a fan of seeds. But, mixed in the chocolate they where surprisingly good. I had also been craving chocolate so that was a nice treat. They are very crunchy as well.

Chocolate Chip Fluff by Madyson's Marshmallows: 
I LOVED this. It was my favorite thing in the box. I wish I could have made a smore with it but instead I roasted it. I loved that little bit of chocolate flavoring. It was so good. I am going to be buying more of these for sure. They are Gluten-Free as well but not Vegan.

Sea Salt Lentil Crackers by Mediterranean snacks:
 I enjoyed these lentil crackers with the sea salt. I usually only eat chips with sea salt. I thought they where okay. I ate them right out of the bag. However, I think they would have tasted better with some dip. I probably would not purchase these since there is another brand of lentil chips I actually like better.

 Butter Crip Love Minis by ginnybakes:
 I liked these cookies. They reminded me of shortbread cookies. So, these where a hit with me. I am not much of a cookie eater so I don't know if I would purchase these or not. But, I would like to try more from this brand.

White Chedder puffs by Beanitos:
 I love white cheddar and I love puffs. I have heard of Beanitos but never purchased anything from them before. These are gluten-free but not vegan since they have the cheddar. I really wanted to like these. And I did. But, they where not my favorite. I would not buy these. I didn't hate them but I can't see myself eating these on a regular basis. I just got Beanitos bean chips and I am excited to try those. I hope they are better then the puffs.

 Kid's organic mixed berry chews by Honey Strips:
 I did not try these and actually gave them away since I do not have kids. I probably would have tried them but I am really not a big fan of fruit chews so decided to give them to someone else. I am sure people who have kids would enjoy getting something like this in their box.

 Overall, I was really pleased with my first Love With Food box. I was glad I got to try some of these items before actually going out and buying them. I also found some new brands I want to try more from and had never heard of. I am excited for next month's box and will continue with my subscription. I am going to stick with the tasting box for awhile but if I really enjoy the products I might upgrade to the deluxe box. I also haven't decided but I might switch or add the gluten-free box in the future.

 Sorry if you left a comment but my blog was not working and it had something to do with this post. so, I had to delete and repost.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Liebster Award Nominee!

I want to thank Lauren from Life in The Wilde for nominating me. Thank you Lauren for thinking of me and choosing my blog.


1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
 2. Answer the questions that the nominator has set for you, plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated to answer.
3. Choose 11 people (with 200 followers or less) and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

11 Facts about me 

1. I have Four Fur Babies (actually one of them belongs to my mom)
2. I try to eat Gluten Free As much as possible
3. I love watching movies. Especially comedies.
 4. I'm a sucker for Romance novels
5. I didn't wear makeup for a long time and am really getting back into beauty products and trying new things 6. I would love to Travel Someday
7. If I don't have to go anywhere I love to just lounge in my pajamas or sweatpants (I hate wearing a bra!)
 8. I have to sleep with a light on (weird I know. I'm 27 and still afraid of the dark.)
9. I can't have mirrors in my bedroom (waking up and seeing my reflection in the middle of the night and then thinking someone broke in. Even though it is just me haha)
10. My Dream Job is to be a writer/blogger and have my own makeup/Jewelry line
11.It is so hard for me to fall asleep with the TV on

My Questions to Answer

1. What is your favorite app right now? Facebook and Instagram. I am seriously addicted.
2. What/who inspires your writing most and ,why? I really just write and blog for myself. I Started this blog because I have been through so much these past three years. I wanted to write about that but honestly I haven't really opened up about things as much as I thought I would. But, I also wanted to start this blog to honor my grandmother. I already have the post lined up.
3.  What is your best family memory? Going to Disney World. It was my first and only time on an airplane. I went with my godfather and my mom. I am so glad I have that memory.
4. What is your favorite Bible Verse and, why?

Psalm 30:5 ESV 

For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.

It says in my opinion that if you are going through a hard time or a hard season in your life eventually things will get better. You can only weep so much before the joy has to come.

5. What is your favorite print? Floral, zebra, polka-dots, stripes??? Leopard Print
6. What started your blogging life? I blogged about 6 years ago and then stopped for three years. My life was a huge mess and I was going through so many transitions. At the time it was hard for me to talk about it because I couldn't see the positive. So, one day I decided I would start a new blog. I had the idea and I just felt like it was the right time to start fresh. Plus, I really wanted a place besides Facebook to be able to keep my memories.
7. What is something interesting/silly/fun about you that many people do not know? I love to make funny voices. Not to many people get to see my goofy silly side.
8. What is your favorite post that you have written? Blessed to Have my Mom After her health scare earlier this year. This Mother's day was really a blessing for me.
9. Facebook or Instagram? And why? Facebook. I get to connect with my friends who I really don't get to see or talk to. Most of them live far away or they are my friends from grammer school and High school.
10. If you could dream one up, what would you ideal occupation be? Being a Writer/blogger and makeup/jewelry designer.
11. What is a goal that you have accomplished recently! C’mon, it’s ok to brag! My photos where featured in a magazine. That was very exciting for me!

Questions for the Nominees to Answer

1. Do you have any pets?
2. Favorite Makeup product to use?
3. What is your favorite Food?
4. Favorite Song or music artist?
5. A place you have always wanted to visit and why?
6. What is your Dream Job?
7. The last Book you read?
8. The last movie you saw?
9. If you could only use one app or social media platform what would it be?
10. A goal you have for this year?
11. How long have you been blogging?

The Nominees

Baby Ridley Bump 
The Kay Times
Pink Roses and Pencils
Tricia Coniglio
Lemonade Sprinkles
Cupcakes and Crossbones
Food, Booze, and Baggage
 Brass Honey
Farm Girl Miriam

There where a lot more people whose blogs I love who I wish I could have nominated.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up

So, I decided to post two blogs today. Because, I've been trying to do the blog everyday thing. It has not quite worked out the way that I hoped it would. But, I am still doing the prompts on the days that I can blog. I also really wanted to blog about my week. I've been wanting to do this link-up for a long time now and finally decided today would be the day.

So, I am joining Rachel at The Rachel way for the Weekly Wrap-up. I've been checking out her blog for a while now and really enjoy her posts. 

 This week was quite hectic for me. First of all my ceiling fell down from previous rain damage. Okay, not the whole ceiling but part of the ceiling. And it started to rain above my TV. I was being an idiot and unplugged the tv when it was wet and mildly electrocuted myself. Thank goodness it was not worse. After that I decided I better switch rooms. So, I spent two days moving my bedroom. I am actually really happy with it and think it turned out great. I would take a picture but we still have some boxes in the room since we are starting to organize and pack things up for when we move. 

 The only thing I missed was having cable. So, I watched a lot of Netflix this past week. But, the cable guy came over today and at last I can watch TV again. That means I will be watching The Bachelorette and Mistresses when they come on TV tonight.

I came across this the other day when I went to the Jewel. I had to take a picture because seriously who needs that many cans of Reddi wip and leaves them on the ground. There where actually a lot more then what you can see in the picture.
Ollie was getting into the paper cups. His favorite thing to do is go into bags. First he rubbed against the bag and then he went into kitty attack mode. It was actually funnier if I had taken a video of it instead of just pictures. 

  I also had a Mini Shopping Haul this weekend. I got the Maybelline Dream Wonder foundation which, I am actually really excited to try. I have heard good things about it. I got a new dry shampoo. I was using Suave and it just was not doing anything for me. It actually dried white and I was not impressed with that. So, I got the Not Your Mother's Refreshing Dry Shampoo. I also think the back is hilarious. 

 I needed a new makeup pencil sharpener. The one form L.A Colors was a dud and literally did not work for any of my pencils. At least it was only a dollar. 

 I am also really excited I got the Ciate Feather manicure kit. I have been dying for something from Ciate for months now. So, I am super excited.

  That was my week. I hope everyone else had a great week and weekend and I hope your week is fabulous.

The Rachael Way
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Finish The Sentence....

When I open the fridge, I always hope I find... 

7up or My zevia Ginger-ale.

My favorite article of clothing is... 

my Sweatpants. I don't wear them too often. but, they are so comfortable and baggy.


 Last week I was really pissed when...

 Half my ceiling fell down from rain damage. I changed rooms so it's all good now.

 One thing nobody understands about me is...

 I'm a homebody. I would rather stay home and read a good book or watch a movie then go out and party.

One thing I don't understand is... 

How can people forget about there kids or pets in a hot car. I am paranoid about where my kitties are and i imagine when I have children I'll be paranoid about where they are.

The world would be a better place if... 

everyone got along. I hate when I see people being so negative and critical of other people. Especially on YouTube and in the blogging world I see this happen to people.

 If I had a million dollars I'd... 

Pay off all my bills. Quit my Job. And probably travel.

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be...

 How Sensitive I am. I try to have a thick skin and not take things so personally. But, sometimes it is hard not to.

 Something that can always make me happy is...

 Gluten-Free Pizza and My kitties

Something I'll never blog about is... 


If I could go anywhere I would go... 

New Orleans


I love the history and I love southern Food. I really want to go see the French Quarter.

If I were an animal I would be a.... 

Cat. They have the best job ever. They can sleep, eat, and play  whenever they want.

A job I've always wanted is.. 

 To work from home and work for myself. I want to have my own company. Probably making jewelry or making makeup and natural soaps.

 My idea of a perfect day is... 

 Waking up when I want to. And working from home on the computer, making some jewelry, whipping up some new soap or testing makeup products and reviewing them. And Spending time with my kitties.

If I knew I'd die next week, this week I'd... 

I would eat whatever I wanted. Quit my Job. And Spend time with my family.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

One Thing I Can't Live Without

This was not that hard for me. Obviously there are things like people, my family, and so on that I wouldn't want to live without. But, since we have to pick a thing it would have to be my cellphone. Specifically, my Iphone.

 I never had an Iphone before a couple of months ago. And I love my phone. I saved up for it so I could buy it. I felt a bit lost without a phone. It was good to disconnect but I was eager to have a phone again.

 I check my e-mails, Facebook, instagram, and other apps probably a gazillion times a day. I would be lost without my phone. It helps me to connect to people who I might not normally have a chance to connect with.

 Plus, I can take photos and videos. Heck, if I was stranded on a desert island I would probably take pictures and be posting them to Facebook and Instagram. Because really there is nothing else to do on a desert island besides trying to get off of it.

 I use my phone as my alarm clock. Without it I would never wake up on time.

 I use my phone to check the weather.

 I am always surfing the internet when an idea pops into my mind and I want to know something and I don't feel like getting up to go to the computer.

 I read and listen to books on my phone.

I occasionally watch YouTube videos. I'm currently addicted to YouTube.

 I can read and write blogs. So, I can always catch up with my blogger friends.

Yes, I'm addicted to my phone.
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Funnies

My Favorite Friday Funnies Found on Pinterest.

The Song of the Week is Nicest Thing by Kate Nash

Linking up with Juliette and Whitney

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Things that Make me Smile

Things that Make me Smile Are:

 1. Gifs: I could seriously look at these for hours.

2. Reading: Especially chick lit and romance. Yes, I'm a sucker for those kinds of books.

 3. My kitties They always make me smile and I can probably name a handful of things if not more that they do silly on a daily basis.

4. Bubble Baths: Especially When using Bath bombs and bubble bars from Lush. That always makes it extra special. Or using special bath salts that smell amazing.

5. Watching Netflix: Especially Orange is the new Black. Whenever it comes on I feel like I need to binge watch the whole season. I also love getting the movies in the mail. They feel like I'm getting a present.

 6. Boxes: I have a subscription box addiction. I currently get three Ipsy, Birchbox, and Love with Food. Again, it feels like I'm getting a present every time they arrive.

 7. Makeup: I love experimenting with makeup. Bonus points when other people compliment me.

 8. Blogging: Reading others blogs and blogging myself

 9. Youtube: I am currently addicted.

10. Pizza

That is all.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Things I'm Pretty Sure I'll Never Do

There are still a lot of things I want to do that I haven't done yet. But, there are also things I'm pretty sure that I will never do. I don't like saying there are things that I will never do because honestly you don't always know what you will or will not do. I've done things I never thought I would do. Like bungee jumping. I not only did it once but then I wanted to do it again. The second time was actually scarier then the first time.

So, on to things I am pretty sure I will never do.

 1. Eat frog legs or calf livers or anything of that nature. It grosses me out. The only time I would probably do this is if I was on survivor. Even then I might pass.

 2. Go on Survivor. The thought of being stranded with a bunch of strangers scares me. However, I do enjoy watching the show and daydream about what it would be like to go on the show. Then reality hits me.

3. go skydiving. I already did the whole bungee jumping thing. But, going up in an airplane and jumping out of it probably not going to happen.

4. Ask out a guy. When I was younger I made the first move. But, the older I get the more I realize if a guy really likes you then he will approach you. Plus, I think it is sexy when a man starts the conversation and shows that he is genuinely interested in you.

 5. Like spiders. The only spiders I can actually tolerate are daddy long legs. I hate bugs in general. Mostly because they usually end up biting me.

6. Live alone. When my mom was in the hospital for a week every little noise freaked me out. 

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Friday, July 4, 2014

My Favorite Things about the 4th of July

Today I am linking up with Amanda at Meet at the Barre and Juliette from The Other Juliette.

 Today I decided to write about my favorite things about the 4th of July.

1. Grilling. It seems like hot dogs and burgers always taste better grilled. Especially on a holiday.

2. Sparklers

3. Potato Salad

 4. Hanging out with a cold drink

 5. Spending time with family and friends

 6. Watching Fireworks


Favorite Funnies:



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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Getting uncomfortable

Today is day 3 of the Blog everyday in July prompts. I admit today kind of stumped me. I am the kind of person that does not like to be uncomfortable. I do not like change. I like to live in a bubble and have everything remain the same. But, in reality that is just not going to happen. Apart of life is changing and growing and making tough decisions and choices.

This past month has been uncomfortable for me because if you read some of my other posts you know that we have to move. It is a scary transition. We have lived in this house since I was 18. I am now 27. If you also read my older post That Time the Sky Fell Down You will know some of what has been happening with the house.

 I know that leaving the house will be a good thing. In light of all the craziness going on around here. But, it still makes me feel very uncomfortable. I still have quite a bit on my to do list.

 I have also decided to start a vlog. This has something I have been thinking about doing for quite a while now. It honestly really freaks me out. I am by nature a very shy person. Putting myself out there is not the easiest thing for me to do. But, I feel like this is something I really need to do. I have not officially started my channel yet. I am thinking it will officially go live in two-three months once we are moved out of here. I wanted to start it sooner but I have far too much on my plate at the moment.

 I will let you know whenever it is officially up so you can check that out. I know in these next coming month's with all these new ventures and ideas I will probably be even more out of my comfort zone. But, at the same time I am looking forward to it as well. Change is scary but it also means a new chapter in my life.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Guilty Pleasures

So, everyone has a guilty pleasure or two. Here are some of mine.

 1. Eating ice cream out of the container and I also warm it up before I eat it. I know some people might think that is weird.

2. Eating in bed.


3. Pizza

4. Doing my nails. I hardly never get my nails done because it never lasts very long for me. But, I do like to do it myself at home.

 5. Sleeping in. That is my all time favorite thing to do.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Vodka and Soda
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