Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 2014 Ipsy Bag

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I was very excited to get my second Ipsy Bag. I was not super pleased with My First bag but I have to say I enjoyed this bag much better then the first one. First of all I think this pink bag is very cute. I enjoyed my Rebecca Minkoff bag from last month but I love bright colors. It looks like leather but it is actually a plastic bag.

 Bareminerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Cream Eyeshadow in Divine Wine:
I saw almost everyone got this in their bag this month. The color when swatched looks like a very dark taupe color with some purple shimmer. When I wore it, it went from looking very neutral to almost black or dark grey when it dried. I actually am a big fan of dark eye colors and really don't have a shade like this. It can dry sticky if you apply too much though. My eyes also got irritated and honestly I am not sure if it was from using this eyeshadow or my allergies. My one eye was fine but my other eye got irritated. I removed the eyeshadow and it is very hard to take off. So, I guess that is actually a plus. I honestly don't think it was the eyeshadow that irritated my eye just allergies and the eye makeup made it worse. I plan on trying it again once my allergies calm down.

Tints and Sass Lip and Cheek Stain in Cherry:
I have never tried a lip and cheek stain before. I think this packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, I love that the product is not tested on animals. I did not try it on my cheeks just my lips. It goes on and looks like a red but dries to a dark pink to light red. It made my lips look like they where naturally redder then normal. I also liked this because it was something I had to constantly have to reapply.

Faith Citrus Ginger Lotion:
I got a lot of citrus Ginger products in my boxes this month. I haven't tried the lotion yet because like I said in my Birchbox Review between Birchbox and Ipsy I have a lot of other lotions to try. I will eventually get to it though and use it.

Pur-lisse Sunscreen:
I do not really use sunscreen. I get a foundation that has spf in it. I am not a big sun person and am never in the sun. The only time sun hits me is when I'm in the car. But, if I do go out in the sun then I do need an spf as I tend to burn and not tan. So, this will get use at some point this summer I'm sure. This also came in the July boxycharm which I don't subscribe to.

POP Bronzer:
This is a really nice Bronzer. I honestly don't have any Bronzer's and have never tried them before. But, I was excited to get this product because I have been wanting to try a bronzer. It is not too dark which is good for my fair skin tone. It will just give me a slight pop of color. And it's called POP so that is pretty funny. It has some slight shimmer which is nice but won't make me look like I'm wearing mounds of glitter on my face.

 Overall, I am very pleased with this Ipsy. I love getting makeup instead of just skincare products. Ipsy won over my Birchbox this month for giving me so many makeup products. Plus, an adorable bag that I will be using again and again. Ipsy is a $10 a monthly subscription box/bag. You can fill out a profile and the items will be customized based on your preferences. You can also review the products to also help customize future Ipsy bags. If you are interested in this subscription I have a link. You don't have to use it but it would be appreciated since I pay for this myself. This is not a sponsored post. If you sign up using my link I get points to earn a FREE product in a future IPSY bag.


  1. The cheek/lipstain sounds great! I hate to have to reapply anything throughout the day!

  2. I'm still on the Ipsy wait list! I don't have a personal FB so I can't "skip the wait". After seeing reviews for all the different beauty subscriptions, I feel like Ipsy provides more useable products than all the others. Can't wait to get off the wait list! Lol.

  3. Again such usable stuff! I love that.

  4. Sounds like there was some amazing stuff, but we seriously love that makeup bag!

    xx 365hangers

  5. Such cute stuff! I used to have an obsession with makeup! I was ALWAYS buying something and now I have tons of stuff that I don't even use. Pretty soon it'll be too old and I'll be forced to buy more :)

  6. What a great score! I have yet to try out IPSY, I think I might have to ASAP


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