Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I would date me...confessions

 Okay, so these last few days I've been wondering why is it so hard to date in your late 20's. I admit I just don't understand men. First of all where do you go to meet someone besides a bar or online. Call me old fashioned but I don't find meeting someone on Facebook, Tinder, ect. Romantic. I believe in meeting someone the old fashioned way. You look at someone. You think they are sexy as hell. You click. They make you laugh. They give you butterflies. Then you move on to getting to know the person.

You talk through instant message, texting, and the phone. I am not a huge phone person but, there is something about hearing someones voice. I love it. You can hear their expressions and emotions. You end up having some funny, weird, and amazing conversations. Then, you go out on a date. Then you slowly graduate to holding hands and kissing. Then the guy says "you wanna be my girl?" and you are like "well, duh. Yes." 

Okay, I think I have some awesome qualities. Not to toot my own horn. 

*I'm funny and weird. I can say really random things at times. My nickname is giggles. Men seem to like this.

*I have huge boobs and a nice butt. If a guy is not a butt or boob man before he meets me then he will become one or both of those things quickly.

*I can cook. And I think my food is pretty good.

*I love actions movies and I would even play video games with the guy.

*I am super supportive and always willing to lend an ear. I have a good shoulder to cry on so to speak.  I love it when a man is strong but if he can be sensitive bonus points.

*I usually fall slowly and then all at once. Like, in the fault with the stars. But, once I fall I won't be throwing myself at the next man that comes along. I'm not a huge flirt and don't put myself out there.  I get guys like the attention and all. If given a chance you get the best of both worlds. I love giving my man attention.

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