Monday, August 18, 2014

Nail Polish Haul and Review

A month ago I stacked up on a bunch of nail polishes. I am a nail polish junkie. But, for the longest time I just wore my natural nails. Recently I've been restocking up on nail polishes so I have a variety again. I lost some nail polishes in a flood awhile back as well as some makeup.

I have been wanting to try some Ciate nail polish especially the caviar. I have heard a lot of great things about it. And I love the colors.

I tried the pink nail polish with the pink Caviar beads. All they are are tiny little beads. The pink has multiple colors. A bright pink, Fushia pink, and some other light colors mixed in. It was actually fairly easy to apply. I just followed the directions. I applied two coats of the pink nail polish. Then when the nail polish was still wet I applied the beads. It was a little hard getting all the beads spread out but I think it turned out fairly well. Especially for a first time application. However, the beads sadly did not last very long. They lasted about a day before they all started to fall off. The second day it didn't look too bad. But, by the third day it was time to put on a new nail polish and take the beads off. The beads were not very easy to get off. I really had to scrub my nails to get the remaining beads off. I love this look and will use these again. But, I really recommend this manicure for a one night or day event. Also, be careful about eating with your hands. These beads are not for eating hotdogs or hamburgers. They will fall off and end up in your food. 

I also stacked up on e.l.f. nail polishes. They had a whole set in mini bottles. I honestly don't mind mini bottles because we all know how long nail polishes last for. I have nail polishes from 6 years ago I never used up all the way. Probably time for those to get thrown away. Sadly. 

I loved the colors when I first saw them. Their is such a variety. Two reds, a purple, gold, a dark green, some shimmer/glitter colors, and more. I love variety when it comes to wearing nail polish. 

I had to try the dark green nail polish. It was shimmery and reminded me of a mermaid. The color is called sea escape. Sadly, it didn't apply as well as I had hoped. I am not the best at applying nail polish to begin with so, I really like when it just glides on easily. unfortunately, this did not and was a bit clumpy. I still got it on in two applications. But, when it dried sadly it was no longer the shimmery green it looked like in the bottle. It dried looking black. I do like and can wear black nail polish but one person did not like it. It also chipped fast as well. However, I did not apply a top coat. I did top it with Chic confetti which I really liked. It would not be a good stand alone color but it does work well as a topper for other nail polish. 

I wanted to go with the gold color and glitter. I love the gold color in glamour girl.  It went on very smooth and easy. I did need two coats but that didn't surprise me. I wanted to add some glitter to it and added the glitter in gold star. It added just a little extra something to the nail polish. I did add a top coat. The nail polish lasted me about 3-4 days without chipping. For me that is a miracle. The glitter was hard to take off but that was not a surprise since most are anyway. I loved this look! 

I applied Violet Velvet today. It didn't turn out quite as I had hoped. In the bottle it looks like a really shimmery purple. It actually looks similar to another nail polish I have from Sally Hansen that I love. However, this turned out darker then I imagined and is not as shimmery once applied. I did put a top coat on and that added some shimmer and gloss to it. 

I love these reds in Red-y or not and Cherry Bomb. I haven't tried them yet. I don't usually ware red nails in my daily life. I wore red and blue nail polish for the fourth of July but, that was about it. I will wear these when I want to wear sexy red nails. I also love the pinkish shimmery color in metallic elegance. I'm sure it will apply well since the light colors seem to apply better. Or maybe I just got a bad batch of the darker colors. It's hard to say. 

The one on the left is Nude. I do occasionally wear a nude nail polish but not very often. However, I am sure I will get around to trying this color. The color on the right is called Taupe of the World. Again, I am not much for taupe or light purple nail polish. But, it is a very lovely color and I'm sure I will get around to wearing it. 

*I purchased these nail polishes myself with my own money. These statements are my own opinions.

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  1. Girl you are talented, you did a great job with your nails. I love the look wit the Caviar beads. Will you please come do mine?

    1. Thank you. If I lived closer to you I would love to lol.

  2. I love the pink with the beads but the beds would drive me nuts since you say its a pain to take off. Great haul though :)

    1. thank you. The beads did end up driving me a bit nuts between falling off and then being hard to take off. They are great for a special occasion but not something I would want to wear everyday.

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