Saturday, August 16, 2014

#vitavoxbox from Influenster Review

Disclaimer:  I received the #vitavoxbox complementary from Influenster for testing purposes

I was so excited when I qualified for a Voxbox from Influenster. I joined in early June and this was the third box I qualified for. So, I was so excited when they told me I would be getting the box sent to me Free. I was surprised how big the box was and heavy too. I also love the purple color of the box.

I opened up and saw a lot of goodies.

The first Thing I noticed was the

First Degree® Advanced Burn Cream. I normally would not purchase a product like this for myself. But, thinking about it how many times does an accident happen and we can't find a bandaid, nesporain, or burn cream when we need it. This is a great product to keep on hand in case of an emergency. I myself have been cooking and accidentally burned myself. Of course this would have been a great product to have on hand since I love to cook. 

Playtex® Sport Fresh Balance: I am not a sports person. However, if you are this is a great product to use. Let's face it. This is something all women use and need to have on hand. If I was a sports person I would definitely go for these. However, this is something all women need to have on hand for our monthly visitor. 

Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE powered by Creamide caplet serum: I don't usually use serum's on my face. But, as I get older er almost 30. I actually noticed a wrinkle in the mirror the other day. My very first wrinkle. I am by no means vain and honestly one wrinkle does not bother me. It means I'm living my life and I've smiled and been happy and been angry. It's all apart of life and yes getting older. I just want to avoid having more wrinkles until I've lived some more. Plus, who can turn down Elizabeth Arden. She truly makes some great products. 

Pure Leaf Iced Tea: I actually love this Ice tea so I was super excited to see it in my voxbox. I usually get the iced tea/lemonade. This one was the unsweetened one. I immediately put it in the fridge. A little while later I was feeling thirsty and thought I would give this a go. I have to say the unswettened is not my favorite. It is actually quite bitter for my taste. And I normally do not mind bitter. So, I will have to add some sugar to it I think. 

Softlips® Cube: Another product I am excited I got. I don't usually wear balms during the day but I do like to wear them at night before I go to bed. I usually wear a gloss or lipstick during the day. But, let's face it our lips get dry. Especially in the winter. Recently I've added putting on a balm before I go to sleep and it truly helps when I put my makeup on in the morning. I do feel like this makes my lips smoother. It has a peppermint smell to it which I like. And it comes in adorable packaging. 

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies: Who doesn't love gummies.  I have never tried a product like this before however, I do occasionally take b vitamin supplements. These taste a little like vitamins. But, they are not bad. I could tolerate the taste. I think these are great when you need some energy and are on the go. Or to eat before a workout to give you a little pick me up. I would probably purchase these to take instead of my other B Vitamins but I wouldn't take it with my other supplement.

*Please note I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.. However, I was not compensated for writing this post. All opinions and views expressed about this box and the contents are completely my own opinion. If you would like a link to sign up for Influester please let me know and I will be happy to send you a link. 


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  1. Great review. Congrats on getting this through influenster. The goodies all look so fun.
    Bright Shiny

    1. Thank you. I am glad Influenster chose me to get this box.

  2. What a great voxbox! All the goodies look great!

    1. I'm loving my Voxbox. I can't wait to try all the products.


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