Thursday, September 4, 2014

I need my own Island

So, I've seriously come to the conclusion that I need my own island. I read this post from Lisa Petty Called "Snarky Facebook friend island." If you haven't read it yet you seriously need to go check it out. I think having my own island would be awesome. I'm pretty much a hermit as it is. I like my quiet time and I enjoy having my own space. But, I also like having my close friends and people who get me. So, of course all my blogger, vlogger, and Facebook Friends would be invited.

 It got me thinking what would I have if I had my own island. Well, first of all were would my island be. Hopefully in a small part of Hawaii or in Bali. Those are two places I've always wanted to visit.

Then of course my cats would be there. And people could bring there own pets. The more animals the merrier.

Coffee and wine would be served 24/7. Plus, any fruity drinks that anyone wanted.

There would be Pumpkin Spice lattees only they would be completely healthy and actually help you lose weight.

Of course there would still be wifi so we can post pictures and everyone can be jealous of the awesome time everyone is having. And I would still want to blog. And I'm sure all my blogging and vloggings friends would want to still do their own thing as well. And my facebook friends would want to post pictures on Facebook.

Sexy half naked men would bring us Chicks margaritas and pina coladas while we sit on the beach or the pool. There would have to still be a pool. Because let's face it Sand can be a bit messy and get everywhere. And by everywhere I literally mean everywhere. ugh. Sometimes a girl just doesn't have time for that.

And for all my makeup ladies we would of course have a beauty and makeup store. And a store for everything we need to use daily. Because no one wants to be stinky. But, the best part is everything would be free. You could get all the Chanel, Dior, and Kat Von D that you want for nothing.

What would be on your island? who would you invite?
Thoughts for Thursday

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  1. Pizza and margaritas and doggies and a pillow and music and books! BYEEEE! hahaha

  2. I am dreaming of coffee, wine and pumpkin lattes! LOL. Although, I would be awake all night from the coffee and would need the wine to simmer down. I really like that we are having half naked boys deliver these things to us. Not to mention the gorgeous atmosphere of the island itself.

  3. I live on an island and I wish for all these things right now thanks!!!


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