Friday, September 26, 2014

My Beauty Routine #BlogEverydayInSeptember

I actually really love this topic. For a long time I kind of ditched wearing makeup. I think it started because I had a flood and lost a lot of my makeup. I also lost a lot of nail polish. And let's face it sometimes a girl does not want to get up early just to apply her makeup. But, recently I started getting into wearing makeup again. Probably about three months ago. Now, I wonder why I ever stopped wearing it. Aside from having to wake up early to apply my makeup. Now, I feel naked if I leave home without eyeliner and a lipstick. I've been sick this week so I haven't really been into wearing makeup. But, yesterday I put some on again and sometimes I forget how good it makes me feel. I admit I like to wear a lot of makeup. I am not one of those girls that goes for the natural look. If I want the natural look I just don't wear makeup. I love dramatic eyes. I love bright pink lipsticks. I used to say "how can girls put so much on their face?" Well, that old saying is true don't judge a book by it's cover because now I find myself doing the exact same thing.

So, on to my makeup routine.

I start with my face first. This is the way I've always done my makeup. For me once my face is covered then I can move on. Plus, if I'm short on time at least my face is covered.

I start with a moisturizer. I used to never wear a moisturizer. I tend to have oily skin but some spots on my face are very dry. I find if I don't apply a moisturizer first then my makeup looks really cakey.  And you can see my dry patches. Especially on my nose. Now, that is the first thing I do. I also apply a moisturizer at night before I go to bed.

The second step is adding a primer/BB Cream. I used to never really get the benefits of doing this. But, boy does this make a difference. It helps to even out my skin. It also adds more moisture.  And allows my makeup to stick better to my skin so it lasts longer. If you haven't tried a primer or a BB cream I highly recommend it. Plus, it can also be used alone on days you don't want to add a foundation.

Then I finally apply my foundation. I don't usually use concealer. I just use the foundation to cover my face. The primer/BB kind of acts as a concealer anyway. So, I can pretty much eliminate that step. 

Then I go on to my Eyes. My Eyes take the longest time of any part of my face. I love dramatic eyes. So, I have to take my time and be pretty precise. I like to start with a lighter or more neutral color. I use the lighter or neutral color for my top lip not the crease. However, sometimes I do apply it in the crease as well and then just go over that with the eyeshadow color I want in the crease.

Then I pick the eyeshadow I want in my crease. I love bold colors for my crease. Black, blue, and silver are my favorites. I also like to color coordinate with my outfit. does anyone else do that?

Then I put my eyeliner on last. I usually coordinate that with my crease color or I'll just go with black. If it smudges or I make a mistake I just go over it with the crease color.  

Last but not least I add my Mascara. I used to never wear mascara or fake lashes. I still haven't mastered fake lashes and they bug me when I wear them. But, I love how dramatic my eyelashes look with mascara. I am not afraid of my mascara being thick or if it looks like I'm wearing mascara. Because I love dramatic eyes.

Then I go to my lips. I love Bright pink lipstick and purples. I'm lucky that I can pull these colors off because I know some people can't. If I'm having a bad day I just put on my bright pink or purple lips and I feel better.

Then I put my Bronzer on. This was another thing I used to wonder about but then I saw how it looked on so many other girls and that basically it was something they couldn't live without. Now, It's something I can't live without. It adds color to my pale face. I try to go for more pink undertones so it looks natural. Orange would not look good on my pale complexion. I like to put it on my forehead, cheeks as a highlight, my nose, and occasionally my chin. It does make my face look thinner. Even when I'm super skinny I still have a round face.

*pur-lisse spf 30 sunscreen and essential daily moturizer
* Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer in Half Naked
*Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation in 10 Porcelain Ivory
*J. Cat Flying Solo Eyeshadow in Half Naked 110
*BareMinerals 5 in 1 eyeshadow and primer in Divine Wine
*Laura Geller Cool lids Eyeshadow in Silver Lands
*Sumita Contrast eye pencil in Raina
*Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner in Black 
*Nicka K Shimmer Eyeliner in Blue
*urban Decay Perversion Mascara
*Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids in Brazen Berry (purple)
*Maybelline colorsensational vivids in Fushia Flash (hot pink)
*POP Beauty Sunskissed Bronzer in Secret Sunshine 

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  1. Lov your routine. I use primer now but I never used to. Now I rarely wear concealer. I do use powder to finish though as I like the matte look powder gives. Love this post!

  2. Moisturizer makes me break out but I found a natural exfoliant that has coconut oil in it so it helps with moisture without making me break out.

    I love pinks and purples too but I have gotten lazy with lipstick and now I only use gloss.

    I used to wear lashes every weekend when I went out and sometimes I would sweat one or both off from dancing so much. Bronzer is something I like on weekends as well because I am too lazy to do it for work :)

  3. Love mascara! I don't usually use a primer but I think I'm going to try it out. Also, bronzer is definitely a must have!!


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