Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If I Won the Lottery

Okay, so I don't play the lottery a lot. And when I do play I have never won anything. However, I am a huge fan of the scratch and win games and have won $2-$5 dollars on a few occasions. I know it's not a lot but hey it's a start. And a girl can dream.

 Money is not everything but let's face it. It helps a lot to have money. Sometimes money can buy happiness.

 If I won the lottery I would buy a new house. Or just rent a really snazzy condo. I am a bit fed up with living in a house after all the problems we've had. If I did buy a house it would probably be on a farm. I could have cats, dogs, and horses. And I could hire a man people to fix things.

I would Quit my Job. Working is not fun. It is something I do to make money. If I didn't have to worry about money then I would leave my job. But, I would still work. Even if it was writing, being a makeup artist, or starting my own business.

 I would also travel. I've always wanted to go to Louisiana. As well as France.

Of course I would give back as well. Animals are very important to me. I would donate my money to help no-kill animal shelters. I also thought about starting my own animal shelter on a farm.

And I would buy lots of makeup, clothing, and of course shoes. I am not one to usually spend money on myself especially a lot of money on myself. But, there would be a major shopping spree.

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