Saturday, October 4, 2014

My Favorite Instagram

My Favorite Instagram photo is the one I posted of Oliver. Or Ollie for short. He is 1 years old and still a baby. Except for the fact that he is now huge and weighs at least 13 pounds. And he is still growing. I can only imagine how big he will be when he turns 2.

Don't worry I didn't torture him with a bow tie and glasses. I edited the picture and added the bow tie and glasses in later. I think he looks like such a smarty pants.

I take so many pictures of Ollie he could probably have his own Instagram account. But, I love showing him off.

If you want to Follow me on Instagram just go to the link. 

The Daily Tay

                                       photo 31e53412-bd95-4b60-a2cf-cd40dc297a33_zps9586a904.jpg

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