Monday, July 6, 2015

The Power of The Heart

Too often people including myself let our fears and ego get in the way of being authentic. We try to be what is masculine, or feminine, what society tells us we should be, or even what we think our family/ spouse/ or public wants us to be. Instead of just living from our heart center. 

So many times I let my fear get the best of me. I hid my authentic self behind shyness or acting a certain way because I thought that is how someone else wanted me to be. I was in relationships were I hid all my feelings or spoke up without thinking of how I might hurt someone else. Those actions were created out of fear and not love and compassion. 

Seeing another persons raw emotions can scare us because in that moment we see a reflection of ourselves. We run from the emotions we perceive as "Bad." We make light of a situation were someone is exposing their raw emotions and even can ignore our own emotions. 

A couple of months ago I was going through a situation were I felt like my heart had been shattered. I would normally run from these emotions. This time I focused on my heart center. Instead of grabbing onto something outside myself to ignore my feelings I sat in meditation and did a heart kriya almost daily for a month. I meditated on my heart chakra. I pictured my heart opening up. I dug deep to my authentic self. 

Since that time I am more open to being my authentic self. I have stopped relying so much on the external. I have lost excess weight my body was holding on to. I am at a point of no turning back. Even if I wanted to I don't think I could. Change is scary but it is also necessary to live an authentic life.

Independence Day Weekend

I cannot Believe it is already the beginning of July. June seemed to fly by.

 I had a nice weekend. I found some beautiful flowers with some of my favorite colors. I am participating in the #RadicalSelfLoveJuly Challenge created by Gala Darling.

I love pinks and purples. So this bouquet was perfect to snap a picture of for the challenge. 

I also enjoyed fireworks from my own backyard. 

What did you do for the Holiday? Or over the weekend if you did not celebrate the 4th? 

I hope everyone had a happy and safe weekend. 

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Monday, June 1, 2015

June Goals

I can't believe it is already June 1st. May certainly did fly by.

May was a very busy but also exciting month for me. I started my fitness journey in April and it is hard to imagine I've been working out and eating great for the past two months. Not without some slacking. There were plenty of days and moments when I've felt like giving up. This is not easy. But, I know it is 100% worth it.

I did 2 rounds and 6 weeks of 21 Day Fix. I lost a total of 15 pounds.

May Goals:

 Lose 4-5 more pounds:

I wanted to lose at least 5 pounds this round and I ended up losing 9 pounds. I'm not quite sure how it happened but it did. That was in the first two weeks. This last third week it stalled a bit. But, I haven't been as good about sticking with the eating plan.

Workout 6 times a week. With one rest day if needed:

I ended up working out 4 times during the week the first two weeks of round 2. However, the third week I did 6 days of workouts.

Try to use Heavier weights and push myself in the workouts to do the more advanced version of the workouts:

I was so excited some of the workouts I could not do when I first started and I had to do the modified version and now I can do the harder version. I tried to use the heavier weights but unfortunately it killed my shoulders and back. And not in a good way. So to prevent injury I went back to the smaller weights. That disappointed me but I hope to build more strength doing Piyo. I love my weights but it will be nice to use my body weight as resistance for awhile until my shoulders and back gain more strength and are not so tense.

Some days I did not do so well. I had a couple of very stressful weeks and I felt like my depression might be sinking back in. But, I did not keep myself there for long. The days of numbing myself out on TV and ice cream are gone.

Now, I workout, do my yoga and meditation practice, read a spiritual book, and pray a lot.

The other day I was walking to Starbucks and I used to be in a panic about even doing that. The loud noises and all the cars would trigger my anxiety. My anxiety was still there but I was able to realize my fear could not hurt me. My anxiety lessened and I was actually able to enjoy the walk.
It is amazing how far I've come in these last two months and it makes me look forward to the future.

This morning I made a delicious green smoothie to get my day started. I have been drinking these babies every morning for breakfast. This is one of my favorites.

1 cup Romaine Lettuce
1 cup Kale
3 sliced cucumbers
3-4 slices avocado
half a banana
2-4 Dates
1 scoop protein powder

I want to continue to eat healthy. I kind of slacked off my measuring in May so I will still be using my 21 Day Fix containers for measurements. It is so much easier then counting calories in my opinion. I will still be checking my containers off the list. However, I will be following the Piyo meal plan instead. I get more protein and vegetables but less carbs. However, for a carb addict like me that is probably a good thing. I have been doing a lot better at getting my fruits and vegetables in though. 

My Goal For June is to start Piyo. I will be starting my first round of Piyo today and doing it for two months. I want to work out at least 6 times a week. The recommended "day off" is Friday but I will be making mine Saturday instead.

I am also excited to be starting the Say it, Sweat it, Get it Challenge. It starts today. The challenge is to do 5 minutes of exercise a day while saying mantras and positive affirmations.  To sign up here is the link Say it, Sweat it, Get it Challenge

What are your goals for June? 

 Linking Up With Life of Meg for Mingle Monday 

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Monday, May 11, 2015

21 Day Fix Round 1

I did it. I finished round 1 of 21 day fix. I am so proud of myself. And I Lost 5 Pounds. My goal was actually 6 but I am not going to beat myself up for one pound. I did the best I could and worked really hard. I mostly followed the meal plan except for once or twice. I still ate healthy but I probably took one more serving then I should of. The carbs are the things that get me. But, I wasn't going to beat myself up over doing that. The point is that I stuck to the food plan.

I did good with the exercise and I really believe I've made it a habit. It helped me to get through a lot of stress that I've been under the last few weeks for various reasons. I also notice a change in my body. I am losing inches. I would call that a non scale win. I did not exercise every single day. But, I tried to exercise at least 6 days a week. Whatever workout I did not complete I would do on Sunday.

Now On to Round 2 of 21 Day Fix.


 Lose 4-5 more pounds.

Workout 6 times a week. With one rest day if needed.

Try to use Heavier weights and push myself in the workouts to do the more advanced version of the workouts. 

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Monday, May 4, 2015

21 Day Fix Week 2

It is hard to believe I am on week 3 of doing the 21 Day fix and this will be my last week of round one.

Weight Loss:
Two Pounds

Total Weight Loss: 
4 Pounds

This Week I lost 2 pounds for a total of 4 pounds lost. I was actually surprised I lost two pounds this week. I would have been happy with losing 1 pound this week.

This week I ate well for the most part. However, Wednesday night I did indulge a bit more then I should have. I was really tired and stressed out. I also didn't exercise. I figured my body needed the rest and I didn't want to beat myself up over it. I just knew I could not make a habit out of it.

I know for me I have to do these 21 days because it takes 21 days to form a new habit. I want eating healthy and exercise to be a habit for me. I know in the past I've skipped a day or two of eating well and exercising and then just stopped all together. I always had some excuse. But, I decided I would no longer make excuses.

In this process I am also learning it is about a lot more then the food I eat and exercise. Yes, that is a huge part of weight loss. But, it won't keep the weight off. I also need a spiritual practice to keep me motivated. That is why I got back to my yoga and meditation practice. It keeps me grounded.

If I have a bad day or feel like giving up I go to my yoga mat. It helps to keep me motivated with eating healthy and my exercise as well. It truly is a whole mind, body, spirit process.

I just Found out about PBFit. I had never heard of it before or if I did I never payed attention to what it was. I also heard that having a whole wheat waffle with peanut butter was delicious. Before 21 day Fix this is something I never would have probably tried. But, It is  delicious and actually good for me. I still don't go overboard with the PBfit but it is a nice lower calorie lower fat alternative to peanut butter. I also mixed it in my yogurt because I seriously am missing my Ben and Jerry's Peanut butter cup ice cream. I put some cinnamon on top (it is a freebie) and it was so good. Almost as good as having the ice cream. It took care of that craving. 

I made a turkey burger with asparagus and sweet potato fries. All homemade of course. It was better then fast food that's for sure. I feel like I actually get to eat real food and I haven't felt deprived once. Usually I am starving and craving all these sugary fatty foods. It has made this process so much easier. 

This week is doubles week on the exercise. I haven't quite decided if I'm going to do that yet. Today it was Total Body Cardio Fix and I stuck with doing just that and my yoga practice. I would love to do doubles but I'm not quite sure I have the energy for that yet. However, I am going to try to get up early to do my workouts. We will see how that goes. 

One more week of my 1st round of 21 day Fix to go. I am psyched to see how much weight I lose at the end of this round and am pumped to make this next week count as much as possible. 

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Sweats [Week 2]

Week 2 

Monday , 4-27:   

45 minutes Heart Kriya Yoga
30 minutes Total Body Cardio Fix
I was stronger this week then I was last week. Although the workout was still hard for me and somethings had to still be modified. But, I was able to push myself a little harder. I did the 45 minute heart kriya yoga practice and meditation. 

Tuesday, 4-28: 

45 minutes yoga (heart Kriya)
30 minutes upper Fix
I was feeling a bit tired today but was also very eager to workout. I was glad I took the time to do my yoga/meditation practice and to do the upper fix workout from The 21 Day Fix. 

Wednesday, 4-29:

I ended up taking a break. I had every intention of working out but was just too tired to get myself to do it. I said I would eat dinner and watch a TV show and then just never got my butt up to do it. However, it was one day and I decided as long as I don't get into the habit of not doing anything I would not beat myself up about it. Obviously, my body needed the rest. 

Thursday, 4-30: 

30 Minutes Pilates Fix
20 Minutes Yoga
I was glad it was the Pilates fix because I was still feeling tired. But, I did manage to get it done. Even taking one day off it was a little hard to motivate myself. I ended up doing 20 minutes of yoga and taking a break from the heart kriya. However, I really want to finish it and plan on getting back to it on Monday. 

Friday, 5-01: 

30 Minutes Yoga
30 Minutes Cardio Fix
I was back at doing the cardio. After not doing cardio for a few days it was a little tougher. But, I pushed myself and got through it. I felt great afterwards and was proud of myself for getting it done. 

Saturday, 5-02: 

20 minutes Yoga
30 Minutes Dirty 30

My neck was not feeling too good all day. So I warmed up with a 20 minute shoulder opening yoga sequence. It really helped to take the pressure off my neck. I know it was from sleeping funny the night before. So, It helped me to push through the Dirty 30 which is mostly lifting weights. I feel it today but in a good way not in a painful way. 

Sunday, 5-03: 

30 Minutes Yoga
30 Minutes Lower Fix

I mostly did stretching yoga today. I did not want to do anything too strenuous. And since I skipped lower fix Wednesday I decided to do it today instead. Plus, my arms needed a break from doing dirty 30 yesterday. 

Weight Loss
Overall This week I lost .5 pounds. A total of 2.5 pounds. Hopefully for my weekly weigh in tomorrow I will be down at least one pound this week. But, I know I am losing inches. And my body is changing. 

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Ollie

Today is Ollie's second Birthday. It is hard to believe. He still acts like a kitten. He is officially no longer a baby. But, apart of me will always think of him as a baby.

There are some things I certainly miss about when he was a kitten. And other things not so much.

I miss how he was so tiny he would curl up under my chin and sleep on my chest. I don't miss him getting into everything and having to "kitten proof" the house. I don't miss him waking me up every morning at 2AM. I never realized how hard having a kitten can actually be. And although they are adorable I don't think I want another one any time soon.

My mom and me joke that having Ollie is like having two extra cats. But, I wouldn't trade him for anything else in the world. When I first saw him I knew he was meant to be mine.

Everyday he brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

You can Read the rest of his story in Happy 1st Birthday Ollie  

For the rest of this post I will bombard you with cute pictures. Enjoy!!

Yogi Cat #downwardcat

"I've got the eye of a tiger" - Katy Perry

He fell asleep watching me bake cookies. 

He is obsessed with boxes and bags. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

21 Day Fix Week 1

Week 1 of the 21 Day Fix is done. I made it through. I challenged myself to do the workouts everyday and I stuck to it. I also stuck to the eating plan. It was not necessarily easy. There was a night when I desperately wanted to eat ice cream. But, luckily didn't keep any in the house. Not that I can never eat ice cream again but for now it is off limits. There were two days I struggled with exercise. One day I was stressed and tired but I pushed through it anyway. The second time was a lack of sleep after a panic attack. But, after the workout I felt so much better. And I feel accomplished for not giving up.

The yoga and exercise has immensely helped me to be less stressed and to feel calmer. Even with everything that happened this week. I actually look forward to getting on my yoga mat and doing the 21 Day Fix workouts. 

Doing a shake everyday is not mandatory but I have been trying to drink one shake a day. (It is not Shakeology). Usually for breakfast. 

I love the container system. It makes it so much easier. And I don't feel deprived at all. Shown is one container of fruit(I get three a day) and one container of protein (I get 5 a day) and look at all the food when it's combined. I still haven't used up all my containers in a day although I'm getting better. I need the fuel for exercise. *a half a banana counts as one fruit container. 

Weight loss:

 2 Pounds 

For week one I think 2 pounds is awesome. I will take it. I am closer then ever to getting  that hot body and most importantly to be healthy. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Sweats [Week 1]

This is my First Week participating in this linkup and the first week I officially got back to exercising. Overall, it was a great week. I felt motivated most of the week to work out. I actually thought it would be more of a challenge to get motivated. I took the workouts slow and tried not to push too hard. By the end of the week I was pushing myself a little more and it felt great. A couple of nights due to stress I almost wanted to not workout and eat ice cream instead. But, I did workout and did not eat ice cream (partly because we didn't have any ice cream).  This was a very challenging week for me mentally and emotionally. But, in the end I took all that anxiety and stress to my yoga mat and to my 21 day fix workouts. 

Week 1 

Monday , 4-20:   

45 minutes yoga 
30 minutes Total Body Cardio Fix
The Total Body Cardio Fix completely kicked my butt. I took it easy and modified most of the workouts but I definitely felt it after words and for the next three days. Especially in my legs. 

Tuesday, 4-21: 

20 minutes Yoga
30 minutes upper Fix
I tried to take it a little easier today and was glad to mostly be able to work out my upper body and give my legs a break. It felt great to be lifting weights again. 

Wednesday, 4-22:

15 minutes yoga
30 minutes Lower Fix
This was the night I wanted Ice cream and wanted to skip working out. I did not feel motivated at all to workout and had a very stressful day. But, I decided to at least do a short yoga practice and it energized me enough to do the lower fix. 

Thursday, 4-23: 

15 minutes yoga
30 minutes Pilates Fix
I started my workouts later then I anticipated I would. But, I figured I would still get my Pilates fix in and do a short yoga practice. It was nice to have a "break" and just be able to stay on my yoga mat. But, by no means was it easy. I felt it in my abs. 

Friday, 4-24: 

25 minutes yoga
30 minutes cardio fix
I was back at the Cardio with a vengeance today. I gave it my all. It felt great to push myself a little harder. 

Saturday, 4-25: 

45 minutes Yoga
30 minutes Dirty 30
I did not sleep much the night before. I was not feeling good and something happened that seriously triggered my anxiety. I was really lethargic and working out was the last thing on my mind. But, I did the Heart Healing Meditation from Kathryn Budig and Kia Millers Power to your heart videos on yogaglo. It was just what I needed and I plan on devoting 40 days to do the Power to your heart Kriya. 

I managed to get my Dirty 30 in. This is the exercise I was the most worried about. Maybe because of the name. But, I think it is actually my favorite workout. I pushed myself and was more motivated then ever. It was a great stress reliever. By the end of it I was too tired to worry much about anything. 

Sunday, 4-26: 

45 Minutes Power to Your heart Kriya
30 minutes Yoga Fix
Today is a great day to do yoga. I am committed to the Kriya for 40 days and to have a "rest" with the yoga fix. 

Overall, I am really proud of myself this week. I did not let things stop me from doing my yoga practice and doing my 21 day fix workouts. It is something I actually am looking forward to now. I am more motivated then ever to get a rockin' hot body and to more importantly get healthy. 

I will be posting my 21 day fix Week 1 results up on the blog tomorrow as well so look for that if you are interested. 

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Monday, April 20, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 1

A few weeks ago I felt like I was having a quarter-life crisis. Lately I have felt stuck. Like I was living Groundhog Day everyday. It seemed like all I did was work and come home. Don't get me wrong I do have things in my life that I am so grateful for. But, sometimes the routine of everyday life can make you feel stuck. I knew I needed a change because I don't want to stay where I currently am. One of the things I knew I needed to do was work on my health.

These last few months I've really been slacking with a workout routine and was basically grabbing TV dinners. I had been wanting to do the 21 day fix for awhile now. I finally decided if not now then when? 

It arrived in the mail today. I was expecting it eagerly all weekend long. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning opening up a present. 

The kit comes with the color portion control containers. For me I love this idea. I've done calorie counting and points counting before and although those might work for some it did not work for me. I am a visual person so I enjoy actually being able to see the portions. It was actually fun using the colored containers. 

I get to eat around 1800 calories a day. I still haven't used up all my containers today. But, I like having the option to eat more food if needed. 

I also did the full body cardio workout. It was a lot of work even using the modified version but I still pushed through it. 

Breakfast: A plain omelet (not pictured)
Oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries, and cinnamon

Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs( it was awhile since I made those. And they are so delicious.) 
Turkey bacon
(Mostly protein which I tend to eat more of on a diet. Although I could have added a carb and some fruit or vegetables. It was also a late breakfast so I was not that hungry.) 

Dinner: vegan Italian sausage and cabbage

Snack: hummus with pita 

Dessert: if needed I will have some fruit or some yogurt 

This Shakeology bottle also came in handy today. I made strawberry infused water. It was delicious and I drank 3 of these today. For someone who is not really a water drinker I am so proud of myself.

*I am not a Beachbody coach or selling Beachbody products or the 21 day fix.  This is NOT a sponsored post I paid for the program myself. This is my honest opinion about using The 21 day fix to reach my health and fitness goals. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One Year Blog Anniversary

I can't believe I haven't written since December. Between the holidays, a wonky computer, and life in general getting in the way. 

I never intended to take a break. I think I was burning out from blogging. But, these last few weeks I have immensely missed blogging and all of you. Who I have come to feel like are true friends. I miss checking up on everyone and seeing how you are doing. 

It is amazing how much and how little seems to change in a year. In most ways my life is still the same as it was a year ago when I started this blog. However, I feel like I've grown a lot spiritually, mentally, and emotionally this past year. I still have a long way to go. But, these past few weeks I feel like I've gotten my spark back and have my passion for life returning. 

I renewed my blog domain name and am filled with new ideas for this blog and for this new year. I would love for you to stick around. 

I turned 28 in February. 

I had a beautiful and delicious birthday cake that I was not expecting and beautiful roses from my uncle. I celebrated with the people that are the closest to me. Now that I am 28 it made me realize I need to follow my dreams and passions. I have a renewed spark and am excited for what is to come this year. 

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