Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Sweats [Week 1]

This is my First Week participating in this linkup and the first week I officially got back to exercising. Overall, it was a great week. I felt motivated most of the week to work out. I actually thought it would be more of a challenge to get motivated. I took the workouts slow and tried not to push too hard. By the end of the week I was pushing myself a little more and it felt great. A couple of nights due to stress I almost wanted to not workout and eat ice cream instead. But, I did workout and did not eat ice cream (partly because we didn't have any ice cream).  This was a very challenging week for me mentally and emotionally. But, in the end I took all that anxiety and stress to my yoga mat and to my 21 day fix workouts. 

Week 1 

Monday , 4-20:   

45 minutes yoga 
30 minutes Total Body Cardio Fix
The Total Body Cardio Fix completely kicked my butt. I took it easy and modified most of the workouts but I definitely felt it after words and for the next three days. Especially in my legs. 

Tuesday, 4-21: 

20 minutes Yoga
30 minutes upper Fix
I tried to take it a little easier today and was glad to mostly be able to work out my upper body and give my legs a break. It felt great to be lifting weights again. 

Wednesday, 4-22:

15 minutes yoga
30 minutes Lower Fix
This was the night I wanted Ice cream and wanted to skip working out. I did not feel motivated at all to workout and had a very stressful day. But, I decided to at least do a short yoga practice and it energized me enough to do the lower fix. 

Thursday, 4-23: 

15 minutes yoga
30 minutes Pilates Fix
I started my workouts later then I anticipated I would. But, I figured I would still get my Pilates fix in and do a short yoga practice. It was nice to have a "break" and just be able to stay on my yoga mat. But, by no means was it easy. I felt it in my abs. 

Friday, 4-24: 

25 minutes yoga
30 minutes cardio fix
I was back at the Cardio with a vengeance today. I gave it my all. It felt great to push myself a little harder. 

Saturday, 4-25: 

45 minutes Yoga
30 minutes Dirty 30
I did not sleep much the night before. I was not feeling good and something happened that seriously triggered my anxiety. I was really lethargic and working out was the last thing on my mind. But, I did the Heart Healing Meditation from Kathryn Budig and Kia Millers Power to your heart videos on yogaglo. It was just what I needed and I plan on devoting 40 days to do the Power to your heart Kriya. 

I managed to get my Dirty 30 in. This is the exercise I was the most worried about. Maybe because of the name. But, I think it is actually my favorite workout. I pushed myself and was more motivated then ever. It was a great stress reliever. By the end of it I was too tired to worry much about anything. 

Sunday, 4-26: 

45 Minutes Power to Your heart Kriya
30 minutes Yoga Fix
Today is a great day to do yoga. I am committed to the Kriya for 40 days and to have a "rest" with the yoga fix. 

Overall, I am really proud of myself this week. I did not let things stop me from doing my yoga practice and doing my 21 day fix workouts. It is something I actually am looking forward to now. I am more motivated then ever to get a rockin' hot body and to more importantly get healthy. 

I will be posting my 21 day fix Week 1 results up on the blog tomorrow as well so look for that if you are interested. 

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  1. I love that you moved every day this week even when you were tired! And your dirty 30 one where you were too tired to be stressed after...I looove those kinds of workouts :) Great job, keep it up!!!

  2. Go you!! You did great girlie! Im just so happy for all the yoga I'm seeing as well. Im new to yoga and its been the best release for me :)


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