Monday, August 21, 2017

The Magic of Solitude and Sacred Space

With the new moon beckoning today it is a time for fresh starts. It's also a time when we tend to go inside ourselves and crave some extra solitude and peace. I have been finding myself in this situation a lot this past week. My mom ended up in the hospital after an accident. She is fine now and doing much better but it was an anxiety filled week for me. And those are especially the times I feel the need to pull back and sit in solitude. The new moon is a time for me to reevaluate my priorities for the month and decide what I want to come into my life and what must go.

I spent the morning detoxing my inbox. All those 8,000 messages where not just cluttering my inbox, my phone, but also my mind. We have 50,000 things on our to do list and tend to think about what is next on our list of tasks before the first one is even finished. This can cause extreme anxiety or we can just freeze and decide we will give up and tackle this task next month. But, this is a great time to set some intentions for the month.

Solitude and creating sacred self-care always refreshes me and gives me fresh ideas for the month. Spending time in nature, or journaling, or meditation and prayer. Getting mani-pedis are relaxing but there is something more to self-care when it comes from  a sacred place. I've been spending my mornings in silence journaling, writing affirmations, and in meditation.

There is something majestic about spending my time this way. Sometimes the brain clutter happens with my to do list for the day and I am ready to jump to the next thing before the first task is even complete. But, if I focus the morning on source and envision all the gratitude for the day ahead it fills my cup up for the day.

I am on day 4 of my 21 day Sacred Journal and it is giving me so much to reflect about. I focus on my goals for the month, my intentions for the day, what I really desire for the day. How do I want to feel? Today I want to be of service and build my business from a joyful and heart-centered place. To be in giving mode. That fills my soul up with peace and joy. Today I intend to make space for solitude and sacred self-care. To set my intentions and goals for the month. Today or tonight is a great time to make your wishes and intentions for the month ahead.

This morning I got the oracle card for priorities. It was a great reminder to keep my intentions in my mind for the month and that in receiving sometimes we have to also let go. I started by letting go of all the emails in my inbox that I never check. Now I need to let go of the struggle of time.

I watched Super soul Sunday yesterday and Oprah was talking to Shauna niequist who wrote "Present over Perfect." I immediately started reading the book. Too often we lose touch with the really important things in our life. We lose touch of the beauty of solitude and the quiet. Or we just run away from solitude and quiet because dealing with our emotions is hard. Time and busyness can become a drug. A way to numb ourselves from our feelings and numb us from making the changes we really need to make.

These last few days I've been learning the art of being present. That doing what my heart is calling me to do is more important than a billion things on a to do list. Burning myself out is not going to be productive and help me in the long run. Even taking 5 minutes for yourself in the morning can completely change your day. So many people especially women don't even feel they can take 5 minutes for themselves. But, in the end it leads to burnout and sickness.

About a year in a half ago I was sick for 6 months straight. I felt like my body was failing me. It was one thing after another. I finally realized it was happening because I was burning myself out. I was not resting when I needed to be. I was so busy I was not sitting still. I was ignoring my emotions. My eating was not healthy. I was not working out or moving my body. I just kept going and going not even taking 5 minutes for myself. I had to learn to set boundaries and make myself a priority. I am still learning how to balance my schedule and take a break and take time for solitude when it is needed but when I do stop. Just to get in touch with my feelings it changes my whole day. When I take time to move my body it not only sweats out the toxins but it makes me feel accomplished. When I sit in silence and meditate and envision my future I feel happier and more fulfilled. When I write in my journal my dreams and goals and hopes come alive on the pages and I feel more creative and connected spiritually.

So today I am choosing to be more present. Make room for sacred self-care and solitude. And connect with amazing beautiful women who continue to inspire me. And set some kick-ass intentions and goals for the month.

What are your intentions for this coming up month? I would love to support you and hold space for your goals.

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