Friday, December 22, 2017

The Power of being a woman

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Okay now on to another juicy topic because I am seriously excited about this. I want to talk about the menstrual cycle. It's a topic that I have seriously been obsessed with lately and I just couldn't wait to write about it. I am going to get very personal here but I always hated my menstrual cycle. I used to feel like it was a curse. I thought it was gross. I thought life would be so much better without it. But, now when someone says something like "One day you can get rid of it surgically." it makes my stomach churn. I am not against surgical or hormonal fixes if you have a medical problem. But, I realize now especially as a woman our power comes from our womb. Babies come from our womb. We birth creativity through our womb. New projects, businesses, and basically everything spiritual is birthed from our womb. This is a huge honor and not something to be thought of as dirty or disgusting. It's mama nature. I remember being ashamed of my period growing up. No one talked about. It was something you kept hidden especially from men. MyFlo app actually lets you sync up to your spouses email so they can keep track of your cycle too. If you did go through menopause, had a hysterectomy, or are on the pill you can still cycle sync. And/or sync with the lunar moon phases. I like to do both. I recommend Womancode for more information on how you can cycle sync on the pill, after menopause, or a hysterectomy. For the lunar and moon cycles I love using Moonology.

Most women think this is only for trying to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy but it about so much more then just that. It's about getting to know your body and your womb. Getting to know mama earth and in touch with the goddess inside of yourself. And this can be for men too. Knowing your partners cycle can help you too.

I found this app called "MyFlo" It is one the apps that actually lets you know what phase of your cycle you are in and ways you can support yourself. For example right now I'm in my luteal phase (post ovulation) so the goal for the first half of the week is to get as much done as possible before I start to really feel those PMS symptoms and need to take a rest. And to do more physically demanding exercise before my body needs a rest. And there is even specific nutrients your body needs during a particular phase of each of the cycles. The luteal phase is the enchantress, wild woman, medicine woman. This phase is the Kali. This is when we start to turn inward and die and shed what no longer serves us as women. The beauty is that each month we can literally be reborn. Everything in life is attached to both birth and death. But, yet we tend to shy away from death and the crone. Destruction and change scares us. But, sometimes we need to shed, let go, and be reborn.

It reminds me of the symbol of the Ouroboros the snake biting it's tail. The cycle of nature's creation, destruction, life, and of death. All that power is literally stored in our womb. I've felt that when I've had juicy ideas that wanted to be birthed and come alive. Some of those dreams died and had to change and others blossomed and where reborn. A mantra I've been chanting lately is "Adi Shakti" It means "the primal, The first power." It is the feminine in all her aspects. It embodies creativity, balance, and creation. When I chant this mantra I feel it's power. The feminine is a powerful source. My journey with the cycles started when I read The Optimized woman. I heard about this book from a friend who was also discovering the magic of the menstrual cycle. I knew about the different phases and aspects but I didn't really know how to utilize these certain times for my daily/weekly/ and monthly life. I didn't really know to sync my cycle with my everyday. This book was something that really helped me to do that. By taking me from the beginning of the cycle to the end. With steps to do on a daily basis for each day of the cycle. I've delved even deeper this past month with the My Flo app and another book called Wild Power. 

Phase 1 is the follicular phase. The Maiden. The best time to get things done as we are more in our yang energy at this point and have the most energy. This is a great time to really take action in what we want to birth for the month. And make a plan.
Phase 2 The ovulation phase. Mother. The time to incubate our dreams and goals and really bring them to life. This is usually the juiciest phase where we feel good and have more charisma and self-esteem.
Phase 3 The luteal phase. The enchantress. Wild woman. Medicine woman. This is the phase that we usually try to ignore. It is the Kali PMS phase. Where we might not like what we are feeling and others looking in might not get our wild emotions. This is the best time to sink into those emotions and not try to change them or control them but let them be and guide us.
This is a short overview of what I've learned. There is so much more.
Phase 4 is the menstrual cycle. The crone. The shedding and being reborn. This is a great time to think of what no longer serves you and to let things go. And think of what you want to birth in the coming cycle.

If you want to take it a step further and learn FAM (fertility awareness method to know exactly where you are on your cycle). Most women use FAM for fertility awareness to either plan or prevent pregnancy. But, I also think it's a great way to learn more about our bodies and cycles. Two apps are Kindara and Naturalcycles

I am excited to learn and share even more of my journey with you as it continues to develop. 

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