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Lessons I learned in 2018 and Goals for 2019

Lessons I Learned in 2018

And Goals for 2019

Last year was a whirlwind for me. Life, anxiety, and depression got in the way of my blog and goals. But, I also learned lessons last year that will stay with me forever. Plus, I’ve got amazing new goals for 2019. I am actually excited for the New Year and reaching my goals and living a life that I am truly passionate about. Here are some lessons I learned and my goals for 2019.

Perfection is a myth:

I used to always think I had to be perfect. I was so hard on myself even when I didn’t need to be. I judged myself against others. With my blog, My Youtube channel when I was in a direct sales business, and other side hustles and various businesses I’ve tried over the years. I would compare myself to others, or judge how I did my makeup because I was not/ nor am a professional makeup artists, Or did not have a $500 camera for Youtube. So, I put my goals and dreams on the backburner. Even with this blog. It wasn’t until last year that I realized if I chased perfection then I would never allow myself to do the things I am passionate about. I am not perfect no one is and that’s perfectly okay. I learned it’s about my own self-worth and radical self-love. So this year I am going to stop chasing perfection and instead do the things I’ve always wanted to do but put off for so long. Don’t let the myth of perfection stop you from reaching your goals or doing something you are passionate about.

Ask for help:

I am one who hates asking or accepting help of any kind. It is not because I think I can do something better than someone else but because asking for help in my mind meant I was a failure if I couldn’t do something on my own. Obviously, this is not true and was another lesson I learned last year. My agoraphobia got so bad and my anxiety was getting worse and it was creating a depression that I hadn’t experienced in a really long time. I tried everything holistic and natural. Did yoga and meditation which I still do and swear by. But, everything only took the edge off temporarily. I felt like I was always running from a tiger. This caused depression, craving junk food, and putting on weight because I was always stressed out and drained. After much deliberation I decided to go on medication. I had been on it before but I got off of it thinking I was fine. I was for awhile but as the years went by I realized I needed to ask for help. I was in counseling and still am. I still do all my spiritual practices I’ve talked about on this blog. But, the only difference is now I have another tool which is medication. Obviously, going on medication is not right for everyone but if you need help there is nothing wrong with reaching out to a friend or relative, getting on medication, or seeking out counseling. Don’t not take care of yourself because of what other people might think. My agoraphobia is virtually gone. My anxiety is a lot less than it used to be. I can actually focus on getting back to doing things that I love and am passionate about. It took a bit of tweaking to find the right combo of medication for me but I realized asking for help is a good thing. We all can use some help now and then. There is nothing to be ashamed about. And you are not a failure and never will be. You do you boo.

The Sacredness of solitude:

I truly believe in sacred self-care. There is nothing wrong with taking some time away from your spouse, children, relatives, boss, or friends to focus on your own self-care.  It could be blogging, a side hustle, relaxing, resting, journaling, or Yoga and meditation. These are examples as there are many more ways to practice self-care. What is important is making your passions and self a priority. This was something I lost sight of last year. This year I am going to spend more time in self-care and doing things I am passionate about. We can’t serve or help others when we are drained, exhausted, and depressed. We need sacred self-care to fill our heart, mind, body, and soul. We need solitude to help us be able to serve and give to others without depleting our own energy reserves. I stopped taking calls after 9PM. Unless it is an emergency it can wait till the next day. This girl needs her sleep and goddess time. Setting boundaries is also a part of sacred self-care.

Goals for 2019

I am going back to school at the age of 31 almost 32. I’m excited and of course nervous. But, this year I am going to rock my classes and work on getting certifications.

I am up-leveling my blog. Something I said last year. But, I also am making some changes to my blog. It is going in a slightly new direction. I will be focusing on fashion, cruelty free beauty (I went cruelty free in October 2018 posts before this might not be cruelty free makeup brands), And doing unboxings. However, I still will be posting some other lifestyle posts as well. So, you will still get the content that you enjoy. I will write a post in the future about how I am up-leveling my blog this year.

I am finally starting my Youtube channel. It will be Fashion, cruelty-free makeup, and subscription unboxing based. Look for tutorials, hauls, and more.

I am getting a Poshmark closet set up. Hopefully to be launched in February 2019.

Posting More on Instagram. I’m not on Facebook much anymore but you can find me on Instagram @Christinajeanne1 and I created a new account for some future business ventures @thefearlessgoddesscircle.
Getting back to Carb Cycling and Cycle Syncing. You might have read my earlier posts about cycle syncing. Last year I put some weight back on that I had lost. This year it is about feeling healthy, having energy, and loving my body no matter what. But, of course if I lose weight in the process I wouldn’t mind. I’ve been loving doing The Tracy Anderson method, Buti Yoga, and of course I still do my Kundalini yoga. I also plan on starting ShaktiRasa which is a yoga Katie Silcox from Shakti school created. It is a form of asana and Tantra practices.

I will update you on my journey as it unfolds. What are your goals for 2019?

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