Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Fashion Maids Reseller Subscription Box/ March 2019

I am so excited that I received my Fashion Maids Reseller Subscription Box. Fashion maids is a fashion subscription box that is specifically geared towards resellers. If you sell on Poshmark, Ebay, Mercari, or anywhere else.  I recently started my Poshmark Closet in the end of January. It is truly addicting. I am loving it. However, between midterms and other commitments I haven’t had much time to actually go out and source. And it can be hard to find good places to go sourcing. I’ve watched Youtube videos on this box and decided to give it a try.

Fashion Maids currently has two options. A monthly subscription service very similar to other Fashion boxes. Which as of right now is $60 per month. You get 10 pieces of clothing. So that comes out to about $6 per piece. With taxes about $7 per piece. I got the one time box. Which is $75.00 it was free shipping. I did pay a $4.69 tax fee which is actually reasonable. The total of my box came to $79.69 or about $80 if you round up. For 10 pieces that is $8 per piece of clothing that are New With Tags. Which, I think is very reasonable and I’ve heard that is pretty comparable to thrifting prices for items that are not New With Tags. It also depends on the location you are thrifting in.

Overall, I am very happy with the 10 items that I received. I listed nine items because I did end up keeping one piece for myself. That is now in my personal closet and won’t be getting listed at this time. You fill out a style profile very similar to other fashion subscription services. Like with other services the more details you give the better. I was very descriptive on the styles that I liked and did receive a few of those in my box. Including graphic tees and band tees. I also said I loved animal print and anything with glitter. Which, I did not receive in this box but am hopeful I will for a future box. I said the styles I like are boho, edgy, and glam. I think my box was curated to these styles. I also wanted a variety of sizes because since I started my closet I’ve been listing things from my personal closet. But, I want to appeal to more people then just one size. So, expanding my sizes offered was and is very important to me. You can order a box at
The first item I received was This Doors Fringe Tank Top in Size Large. I absolutely love it and this is the item I decided to add to my personal closet and keep. The original price tag on it was $29. I saw a few listed at $24-$25 on Poshmark and one that sold at $10. But, I love this tank and decided to keep it. I probably would have kept more items if they were in my size but I’m glad that they are not so I listed them in my closet.

The second item was this Bravado Rolling Stones Tongue Graphic Band Tee. I probably would have kept this too but it is a size small and I am very excited to have this item listed in my closet. Besides The Doors tank this was definitely one of my favorite items to receive. The original price was $24 and I listed it in my Poshmark closet for $20. I hope to get between $15-16 for this tee.

The third item was this Nic + Zoe Medium Tunic Style Tank with a slit on the back. The original price was $98 and I ended up listing it for $35. I think this is a great piece for spring and summer. It would be great with a blazer or cardigan over it for spring and on it’s own with some shorts and flip flops in the summer. Or even leggings since it is a longer tank top.

The Fourth item is this Love Riche Boho style dress with lace up detail in the front. This is a size medium and if it was a Large I would have kept it for my personal closet because I think it is absolutely gorgeous. I could not find an original retail price for this piece but I believe Love Riche is a boutique brand. So, I ended up listing it for $45 in my closet.

The Fifth item was this Topshop Textured pull on skirt size 4. Topshop is one of the brands that I said I liked so I was super happy to see this item in my box. I absolutely love the green color. And I am happy to have added some smaller sizes to my closet. The original price was $16 and I started it at $16 since it is new with tags and sold out online. I hope to get at least $12 for this skirt.

The sixth item is this May & July Crochet Halter top. I believe May and July is also a boutique brand. This is a size medium but it seems more like a size small. However, I think this would be great for summer on the beach or with some cropped shorts. I could not find an original price for this item and listed it at $24 in my closet.

The seventh item is this Mustard Seed Crop Top and Lace Detail skirt set. I think this set is absolutely gorgeous. It is a size medium. I don’t know much about the Mustard Seed brand but did find a few listed on Poshmark. I could not find the original price but since it is a set I decided to list it at $40.

The eighth item is this BCBGMAXAZRIA Darryl A-line Dress. The original price was $338 and I saw it available from $93-$338 online. I started my closet listing at $93 and I hope to get between $75-$85 for it since it was almost sold out when I looked online. This is a size X-Small.

The ninth item was this David Kahn Metallic Nikki skinny Bootcut Jean in size 28. I absolutely love these and again if these were in my size I totally would have ended up keeping them. The original price for these that I saw online was $168 and I listed them for $79 in my closet. The only thing I noticed as I was listing them was that it looked like the care tag had been cut out. Which, I have noted in this listing.

The tenth and Final item was this En Creme Size Small Lace Detail dress/Cover-up. It does not have a lining and does seem really small. I did notice two possible spots on the back. Which I have noted in the listing. This seems like it would be a better swimsuit coverup for the pool or beach. But, I am still really happy with this item. I believe En Creme is also a boutique brand. I could not find an original price but have started the listing at $19 in my closet.

Overall, I am super happy with my Fashion Maids box and I do plan on purchasing more in the future. I am confident that I will make my cost of goods back. Plus, a profit as well. This was an awesome box!

You can find my complete Poshmark closet at
If you are new to Poshmark  you can use code Justmissc87 and you get $5 off and I get $5

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