Friday, February 12, 2021

5 on Friday 2/12

1. I am getting my wisdom teeth out today. I already have the left side out but I am getting the right side taken out and I didn't sleep too well last night. My nerves are starting to rev up about the whole thing the closer it gets to my appointment time. The top one is already out but the bottom one is partially impacted and I'm not going under. So, I will have to be awake for this. Which, is good in a way because I had a terrible time when I went under last time. I ended up getting sick on Vicodin and got dry socket. It was at least a month healing process before I felt better and could eat solid food. So, I completely understand why I am nervous going into this. I've already gone over the best and worst case scenarios in my head. Bring juice in case I pass out (I have a blood or even thinking too much about blood phobia.) I also can pass out when my anxiety gets too overwhelming. My fiancĂ© will be with me though so that's reassuring. 

2. I am in the process of getting my Poshmark and Etsy site back up. While I've been in the process of moving in with my fiancĂ© its been closed. And to be honest even before that I wasn't doing much with it. I look back and wonder where would I be right now if I had stuck with things? Not that there is any point to feeling guilty about it but my goals are to 1. get a new ink cartridge. Mine are currently dried up from not using the printer for awhile. Hopefully then the printer will work fingers crossed so that I don't need to buy a new one. 2. I need new thank you cards I somehow managed to lose my other ones. 3. I need a background. For now it will probably be construction paper but I was looking on Etsy for a vintage tablecloth that I could use. Eventually, I would love to invest in a thermal printer and a mannequin. 

3. I feel like my blog needs an update. I'm also thinking of starting a new blog. I will keep this one of course it has been a labor of love. But, I've also wanted a WordPress blog. So, I was looking on Pipdig to see what themes are available. I've got one for this blog and one for my new blog picked out already. So, eventually you will see and hear about these changes to this blog and once I get my new one up and running. It will be different then this one. I'm thinking I'll use this one for linkups, my random daily thoughts, fashion, and subscription unboxings and my new one will be based more on spirituality and self-care since I am a big advocate for that. Also about brining women together. I had this idea pre-covid but never did anything with it. Hopefully this next year I can really focus on it more. 

4. I just started reading The Printed letter bookshop by Katharine Reay. And The secret, book, & scone society. Both on Kindle unlimited. It is one of my favorite subscriptions. I am enjoying both the books so far. Who else loves books about books? I am also on week two of The listening path and The artists way by Julia Cameron. I have felt more creative and passionate about things since I started the books. Are there any books about creativity that you recommend? 

5. I've had little women in my amazon prime movies for months now. I bought it and still haven't watched it. Hopefully, with this down time with my tooth extractions I will have time to watch it. Also, thinking about wedding planning and am looking at Pinterest for ideas. We are still not completely sure we will have a reception after the ceremony yet or wait till Covid is mostly done. I'm thinking a one tier cake and then cupcakes and macaroons. I've been obsessed with macaroons lately. What have you been obsessed with? 

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