Friday, February 26, 2021

Five on Friday 2/26

1. I went to go and have my wisdom teeth removed and unfortunately they could only get the top one because the bottom one is too impacted. So, now I have to have oral surgery. I'm having the surgery on the 9th of March.  To say I am scared is an understatement. As I mentioned in a previous post my last oral surgery in my early 20's was very traumatic and stressful for me. I ended up getting sick and getting dry socket. It was a long healing process and I looked like a chipmunk. This tooth is on top of a nerve and they said it will probably bleed a lot. And it will probably take a month for me to fully heal and feel normal again. So, I guess that means I'll be eating unsolid foods for almost a month depending on the pain. Pray for me that all goes smoothly. 

2. I finished reading The Listening Path by Julia Cameron. I love her writing and her descriptions of things is always so beautiful and poignant. I love her ideas. I've been doing morning pages for a few years now and even on some days when I don't feel like writing if I at least get my three pages down it makes me feel better. I love how she mentions writing to people that are passed on. I've been thinking about my grandma a lot lately and talking to her a lot in my pages. She also mentions how you can connect with famous authors or people you admired that have passed on. It was a lovely read and helped to get my creativity flowing.  

3. Tomorrow I am going to a triple birthday party for myself, my soon to be mother in law, and my fiancĂ©s brother in law. I am really looking forward to getting together and I enjoy these moments immensely. It is so nice to get together with family. 

4. I reopened my Poshmark closet and am slowly going to get things listed but at least it is a start and at least my closet is open again. I got a new ink cartridge and got my printer working again. I thought about why I had closed my shop in the first place. I was so busy with work that I had no time to follow my passions. Or to practice self-care. Or even workout. These months off work have allowed me the time to get back to my self-care, working out again, and get back to my passions. But, I also do miss working as well at times. Hopefully I will get to go thrifting again soon for my Etsy shop so I can get that reopened. 

5. I've really been interested in trying ketones. I did the keto diet awhile back ago and really slimmed down and loved it. However, it is hard to stick with it all the time. I've been looking at different ketone options and seeing what is out there. And trying to convince my fiancĂ© that I need them in my life. If anyone knows any good brands let me know? or knows anything about ketones let me know? or if you've used them yourself. I've also been thinking about rejoining weight watchers. 

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