Sunday, March 28, 2021

A Late What I Did on St. Patrick's Day

I meant to share this earlier in the month but I figure since it is still March and my goal is to post everyday. ( At least for this month and April so we will see how that goes.) Hopefully, beyond that point as well.  Plus,  I had a great St. Patricks Day 2021. 

My fiancĂ© and I went to a local eatery. It was not an Irish place but we had gotten there right on time because as we left the place was getting crowded. 

We ended up splitting appitizers which was really good. Saganaki and a sampler appetizer with potato skins, chicken wings, onion straws, and more. Normally, we don't eat really fried or greasy food but we had decided we would try the appetizer platter and I wanted the saganaki because I love it and haven't had it for at least a year. 

We also got some drinks. My fiancĂ© loves Guinness so he got that. I got a whiskey sour which again I haven't had in probably a year when everything got shut down due to COVID-19. And I splurged and got a second drink for my dessert. A salted Carmel Martini. 

I also got my first COVID shot this month. The only reaction I had to it was that my arm was really sore for a few days. It was that feeling you get when you've worked out a lot and the muscles are really sore. I get my second one in April. I am excited and nervous because I've heard people get a worse reaction with the second shot. But, I am hopeful that all will go well with that. 

I'm still in wedding planning mode and probably will be until the day of the actual wedding. But, everything is coming along with that and I'll write some blog posts on that as well. 

Have a great weekend! 

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