Tuesday, March 30, 2021

you are worth it!!!


Move Ya Body, Do your Spiritual Practice, and Get Centered 

You are Worth it!!! 

We all have Days when we just do not feel motivated. This is a completely natural occurrence and is bound to happen. Sadly, we can turn one bad day into a bad week and then a month and then we fall victim to the same old stinkin' thinkin. 


I finally realized that when I don't feel like doing anything that is when I need to move my body, do my spiritual practice, and get centered. 


When I don't my old fears and anxiety come creeping up on me. I need a daily movement and a daily spiritual practice to keep me aligned with the universe. 

I realized this one day when my mom had an accident. She was sitting in a chair and had fallen asleep. She ended up hitting her head and it was bleeding. And it seemed like a pretty bad cut. I did not remain cool, calm, and collected and I freaked out and panicked. Against her wishes I called 911. She was okay and did not even need stitches. Thank God. 

The rest of the night I could have gone into my spiritual practices to calm me down but instead I let the anxiety and fear keep creeping up on me. It literally paralyzed me. I was afraid something would happen to her. I think it is normal to feel this way but I also realized that when a situation comes up I can’t give into the fear and anxiety. 

When I am feeling paralyzed, depressed, anxious, or stressed out those are the times when I need to move my body and turn to the universe. The times when I want to give in or up are the times when I desperately need my spiritual practice to help me get centered again. 

Once I get centered I can listen to my inner voice. Then I have no need to be afraid because I know all I need to do is surrender the situation and get back to my inner peace.

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