Thursday, April 22, 2021

How I am up-leveling my reseller business this year Part 1: Things you need to start reselling

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First, I'll start with the tools I use and always keep on hand. Tools that you will need if you are planning on starting or re-starting a reseller business. 

1. A Measuring tape
I prefer to use a retractable tape measure that is usually used for sewing. I love this tape measure and it has helped me tremendously over the time I've been reselling. I use one from the Singer sewing brand. 

2. Storage Boxes
Eventually you will build up inventory and you will need a place to store it. This is true if you are doing just clothing, hard goods, or both. I recommend investing in tubs early on. 

3. A sweater shaver
This is also a must when starting out. Especially when I was going through my clothing I noticed a lot of pilling on some items. Also, make sure if items are pilled that you list this in the description of the item. 

4. A printer and ink cartridge
You will need this for printing especially if you are selling on places like Poshmark and Mercari that you print the labels directly from the site/email when you get an order. On these sites there is no other way to do it. With eBay and Etsy you can handwrite the buyers address but I feel like printing shipping labels is much less time consuming and then you already have the shipping paid for when you go to the post office.  

5. Sticker paper
This is not necessary but it is a tool I don't want to be without. It is so much easier to print up inventory labels on sticker paper and to print up packing labels on sticker paper. 

6. Poly bags
These are clear plastic bags that are great for storing inventory. Every time after I list my items I stick them in a bag and label them with an inventory number. Especially if you are reselling clothing this is a must for keeping track of inventory and helps to cut down on space in the bins. 

7. Poly mailer bags 
These are bags with designs that you can buy off amazon and eBay. I love to use these to ship my first class items. If someone buys more then one item then I will usually pack it in a box unless it can still fit in a poly mailer bag. 

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