Thursday, April 22, 2021

How I'm up-leveling my reseller business this year part 2

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In part two I will be talking about the things that you don't need when you are first starting out but things that will ultimately make a good investment into your reselling business.

1. Dress Form
A Dress form is not a necessity but it does create a nice aesthetic if you are selling clothing.

2. Clothing garment rack
A clothing garment rack is a great tool to use for storage as well as to hang your items for steaming and/or before listing them and putting the clothing item in plastic boxes for storage.

3. A thermal printer with printing paper and storage
Eventually I plan on investing in this ROLLO Thermal printer. I know not having to constantly having to buy ink will be so much better. Especially if you ship out many items. Ink can get costly.

4. Photo light Box
This is great for hard good items as well as clothing. I know I've suffered with bad lighting or not enough lighting when taking pictures. I love the ones you can set on a table instead of the tall ones.

5. Steamer
A steamer is not something you need right away in your selling journey. But, it is something you will eventually need. Especially when you want to present your clothes in the best light for pictures and shipping the item to its new home.

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