Monday, May 19, 2014

Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose

So, I wrote a post the other day Called Signs and Crossroads I got a lot of positive feedback which I really appreciate by the way.

 I've been kind of struggling lately on which path to take. I decided to read this book. First of all I've never read a book by Gabrielle Bernstein. I follow her on social media and I think I've seen her on Oprah maybe once or twice. I think that is actually how I heard about her. But, these past few months I've really been following her on FB, Twitter, and Instagram. I always love her posts. I've been wanting to read this book since it came out. I finally decided to get it since I really need a miracle.

 I knew it had to do in part with The Course in Miracles since this is mostly what she teaches. I know the course. I've read it in parts not the whole thing. I've also read "A Return to Love" By Marianne Williamson. If you do not know what "The Course in Miracles" is it is a book based on the main principle of forgiveness. And how once we forgive others and love others the way we want to be loved we can literally create miracles in our lives.

 In Miracles Now Gabby also talks about Kundalini yoga, meditation, and mantras. I've been practicing Kundalini yoga for probably the past year off and on. Eastern philosophy is no stranger to me in fact it has been apart of my life for over a decade. I was lucky to have a very open minded mom who let me study and encouraged me to find my own path.

I am what Gabby calls a spirit junkie.

Some of what she writes I already knew. But, there where many other points she writes about that really made me think about my own life and my current journey. If you follow me on social media you might have seen me post some of these things this past week. I read the book in a week. It is actually not a very long book and is a pretty easy read.

 "If you want to keep the peace keep it real" 

 I love this saying. Mostly because so many times we try to be someone else other then who we are. We also try to people please. I am seriously guilty of this. Sometimes it is just hard for me to tell people no.

Up until about three years ago I basically said yes to anything. But, after my grandma passed away and I got really sick and ended up in the hospital. I finally realized I was slowly killing myself by not taking a rest.

I was grieving for my grandma and just needed a break. I also was dealing with illness which still hinders me but at that point I was in the hospital at least once a month. Sometimes you have to tell people no just to save your own sanity and even your own life if you have health issues.

 Honesty is always the best policy.

 "There is power in silence. When you are Incubating your Dream keep it to yourself." 

This is something I actually dealt with this past week. I learned a long time ago not to tell people my plans or to tell them much of anything that I didn't want to be known publicly. This week I told someone something I was planning. In all honesty it probably wasn't going to work out anyway but I was getting excited. Then this person told me all the reasons it wouldn't work out. Okay so they were not wrong but it did burst my bubble. Case in point sometimes it is better to just not say anything.

"Promote what you love instead of Bashing what you Hate" 

 I know everyone can be guilty of this at times. We talk about all the things we don't like instead of talking about the things we do like. Even talking about people we don't like. But, when we talk about things or people we don't like it only gives that thing more power over us.

It makes us miss out on the good things.
I remember hearing a long time ago from Oprah that she has a gratitude journal that she writes in every day. Even if you can only find one thing to be thankful for write it down. I know we all have those day. It seems like I've had a whole week of this. Where nothing seems to be going right and we bash ourselves, we bash our lives, and we only think of the negatives. But, even being grateful for one thing can really change our mindset around.

 I'm grateful for my kitties. They are always there for me. When I'm sad and my Lucky comes and cuddles right next to me and starts purring it makes my day. Also when he falls asleep and starts snoring it just cracks me up. LOL

I'm grateful for my mother. She has always been there for me. Probably more then anyone else in my life. Even when people come and go she is always there acting as my rock.

 I'm grateful for my body that keeps me alive. Yes, I have health issues but hey it could be worse. There are people with much worse health issues then me.

 I am grateful the snow is finally gone. Well, let's hope because it did snow last week. In May!!


"90% of the practice of creating new habits is just showing up." 

This is one of the very first Miracle Lessons I highlighted and shared on social media. I am so guilty of procrastinating. Like this morning I was going to workout and do my yoga practice and then I decided I needed coffee first. Because I always need coffee first. Two cups later and I'm writing this blog post. After spending my morning on social media and reading others blogs. But, I actually am going to workout and do my yoga practice when I'm done with this post. Reading all the fitness blogs actually really inspires me. Reading about other peoples week and their triumphs also really inspires me.

 I love this thought because Gabby is right. Even when we don't want to "show up" for something and then we just do it were like "what was the big deal? that was not really so hard!"

 Procrastination is not my friend. And that is a big issue I have to work on. Especially if I want to see miracles.


I hope you liked the quotes and Miracle Lessons from the book. If you want to read more you should go check it out.


*I was not compensated for writing this post. I bought the book with my own money and am writing this from my own point of view.

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  1. Im a procrastinator myself and like you I find inspiration in the fitness blogs. You go girl. :)

  2. wow, fabulous post. very interesting - i feel like i should check this book out!

  3. Great post, I love the quotes. I should read this book... I could use it right now in my life!

  4. straight up, people who bash are lame. why spend all that time hating something when you could use that energy to channel positivity?? i can't be bothered with people like that. i've even unfollowed accounts that are negative; i ain't got time fo' dat!

  5. So many truths here. Sounds like a great read! I especially love the promote what you love reminder. It's so darn easy to spew what you hate. Showing up too. Such a simple concept, but sooo hard sometimes :)


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