Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

I have not been blogging lately as much as I would like to. Things have been super hectic lately around my house. But, for now I won't bore you with those details. You will know more soon enough. I have never done a blogging challenge before. Which is actually a little hard for me to believe. But, I saw this challenge and decided it would be a really fun thing for me to participate in. I am linking up with Faith and Juliette.

Today is Canada Day in of course Canada. This made me realize how little I actually know about Canada. I feel like I should know more since I actually do have ancestors who are French Canadian. I also have a cowboy who was pretty famous. But, that is another story.

So without further ado things I learned about Canada....

The National Symbol of Canada is the Maple Leaf. Okay, I already knew that. I just think that's really cool.

Canada has the world's smallest Jail

They have a Hotel made out of Ice

Niagra Falls is in Ontario. One of the largest waterfalls. I knew Niagra falls was in Canada but I didn't know it was one of the largest waterfalls.  

It's two national sports are Ice Hockey and Lacrosse.

They have Smarties. I don't think I've ever tried smarties before.

So, those are just some facts I learned. I am sure there are many more amazing things about Canada. If you live in Canada or know more fun facts I would love to hear them.

Happy  Canada Day!!

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  1. The world's smallest jail? Interesting. Challenge Accepted! Just kidding :)

  2. A hotel made of ice?? So cool!!


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