Monday, September 1, 2014

Reintroducing Myself...Blog Everyday in September

Today the prompt is reintroduce yourself and explain why you want to participate in blog everyday in September challenge.

My name is Christina and my blog is Just Miss C. I actually got the name Just Miss C because when I used to babysit a little boy his grandma called me Miss C. I really liked it and it just kind of stuck. My other nickname is giggles because I giggle and laugh a lot. Especially when I'm nervous or really excited.

My mom and me love Coffee. We are seriously addicted. We probably have at least three pots a day between the two of us. Although, I try to stick more with decaf then regular. My limit is usually two cups of regular and then I drink decaf. I would love to drink more but now sadly it makes me too jittery.

I have three fur babies. My mom has one. Lucky, Ollie, and Harley Rose. My mom's cat is Simba. I got him on my 21st Birthday. My Birthday is in February and it was freezing as usual in Illinois. I was afraid he was going to get frost bite.  But, he turned into being more my mom's kitty.Ollie I found a year ago. It amazes me how big he has gotten in one year. He ways at least 13 pounds by now. He was found in the gutter of the street terrified. To this day he still has PTSD about being outside. Harley Rose I got when I was 14 years old. It amazes me how long I've had her. She's been through a lot with me over these last few years. Including a few moves. Lucky I got from a friend who could no longer keep him. He was not getting along with her male dominant cat. And she ended up keeping him in the basement and he got a bad case of flees. He is so much happier and healthier now. I've had him for about 8 years now.

I love Makeup. For a long time I never even wore makeup. But, lately I'm addicted to it again. I feel like it just makes me look healthier and brings out all my features. Especially my eyes. So, I love to wear makeup that accentuates my eyes.  I feel naked if I leave home without eyeliner and lipstick. Those are my two staples. 

Okay, why I am doing the Blog Everyday in September Challenge.  I participated in blog everyday in July with The Other Juliette, Cause you gotta have Faith, and Allieology. I did all the days I could and did't actually blog everyday in July. But, it was fun and I certantly got to write a lot more posts then I usually write. I can't say I will be blogging everyday in September but I am going to try. I love these kinds of things. Last month I was sick and blogging kind of got put to the wayside. I have some other posts lines up so on those days I might not do the prompts or I'll do both. Plus, I'll be moving this month so if you don't hear from me that is probably why.  So, For this month I am linking up with Whitney.

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  1. Cute kitties! I used to have a cat that we had found wandering in the gutter. One of my cats now must not have had much food when she was born, because she would eat and eat until she puked when we got her.

  2. Thanks so much for participating in the linkup! Your fur babies are so cute!

  3. Aww, I love your kitties and the Gilmore Girls coffee gifs. :)

  4. August was a horrible blogging month for me too! Love that you're doing these prompts and trying to write more posts! I'm huge on eye makeup too. I at least have to have mascara and eyeliner on before I leave the house!


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