Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Childhood Celebrity Crushes #BlogEverydayinSeptember

I am linking up with Whitney for Blog Everyday in September.

Todays prompt is Childhood celebrity crushes. I actually can't believe who I was crushing on when I was a kid. It is so strange how our tastes change as we get older.

I used to love N'Sync and The Backstreet Boys. Justin Timberlake and Brian littrell. OMG!! I totally crushed on them. Okay so Brian is still kind of hot but I no longer get the appeal of Justin Timberlake. Okay, I take that back. He is still kind of sexy with his shirt off.

Now, for my Adult crushes. I tend to go for the bad boy tattooed kind of guys.  Don't ask me why. Some men I think are totally sexy are Jensen Ackles. I watch Supernatural just to see him. Channing Tatum. Yes please. He totally snagged a hot wife. Him and Jenna are perfect for each other. If she was ugly I would be pissed. David Beckham. OMG!! so sexy.

  photo 31e53412-bd95-4b60-a2cf-cd40dc297a33_zps9586a904.jpg


  1. Hellooooo David Beckham! Although his voice is too high pitched. He can just be seen and not heard as far as I'm concerned. ;P

  2. Brian (Littrell) is still totally hot. And his personality just adds to it!!!! I love that everyone mentioned BSB in their posts!

  3. Oh man I loced all of them especiallly David. When I was really young I love Jonothan Taylor Thomas as well! Crazy but true! I would call Usher my childhood crush but I think Im still crushing on him haha


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