Thursday, December 4, 2014


I realized it's been a month since I blogged. I think I completely missed November. Thank you to those who sent me messages asking if I was okay. I'm fine and I am not quitting my blog. And I was not abducted by aliens. Life lately has just been very busy and filled with many new changes.

 I welcome the change but it also makes me anxiety level go up. However, I have also been working on my anxiety/gallbladder/and body pain issues. I have come a long way in just one month.

 It started at the beginning of the month when I got my first Reiki healing treatment. I had heard of it and the health food store I go to was now offering it. I thought it couldn't hurt to at least try it. I never imagined how much it would help me. I felt an immense sense of peace and felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

 Shortly after I decided to get back to my yoga and meditation practice. I had kept putting it off but I remembered how it really helps my stress and anxiety.

Even though I don't do my practice everyday I have been trying to keep it consistent. It helps immensely when I have anxiety or when I've had a really stressful day and I can go to my mat instead of  complaining or holding all the stress in. I also started doing affirmations again before bed. It really helps me to focus on what I want to bring in my life instead of focusing on what is stressing me out or what I don't want in my life. 

I also started working on my books again. I have wanted to start these books for a long time now. But, kept putting it off. I decided I would no longer put my books and writing off and it has been very therapeutic for me. They are just at their infancy and I have a long way to go but they say getting started can be the hardest part. My goal is to have them finished by next year and then start the publishing process. If anyone has any tips on that I would love to hear them. 

The holidays are an incredibly busy time for me working in retail. We spent November getting all the Christmas stuff out and decorating. That took almost a month and it is still not completely finished. I also am helping out another retail store doing something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I have wanted to work in the natural health field for a while now and am excited to be helping throughout the holidays. But, I also know this will keep me extra busy. 

  1. the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.


  1. Good luck with your new outlook hun!! And dont worry about not blogging for a month or two or however long you need to breathe. It happens :)

  2. Life gets in the way sometimes. Totally understandable!

  3. Anxiety. Funny how it can come at such inopportune times but I am glad to hear that Reiki is helping. I haven't used that method for relaxation and/or meditation but I have heard it is very therapeutic. I am currently receiving massage, chiropractic care and acupuncture for my neck and anxiety. The anxiety is better but my neck isn't. Boo! Although, there were a couple things that could've been prevented and I think that is what aggravated it.


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