Monday, April 27, 2015

21 Day Fix Week 1

Week 1 of the 21 Day Fix is done. I made it through. I challenged myself to do the workouts everyday and I stuck to it. I also stuck to the eating plan. It was not necessarily easy. There was a night when I desperately wanted to eat ice cream. But, luckily didn't keep any in the house. Not that I can never eat ice cream again but for now it is off limits. There were two days I struggled with exercise. One day I was stressed and tired but I pushed through it anyway. The second time was a lack of sleep after a panic attack. But, after the workout I felt so much better. And I feel accomplished for not giving up.

The yoga and exercise has immensely helped me to be less stressed and to feel calmer. Even with everything that happened this week. I actually look forward to getting on my yoga mat and doing the 21 Day Fix workouts. 

Doing a shake everyday is not mandatory but I have been trying to drink one shake a day. (It is not Shakeology). Usually for breakfast. 

I love the container system. It makes it so much easier. And I don't feel deprived at all. Shown is one container of fruit(I get three a day) and one container of protein (I get 5 a day) and look at all the food when it's combined. I still haven't used up all my containers in a day although I'm getting better. I need the fuel for exercise. *a half a banana counts as one fruit container. 

Weight loss:

 2 Pounds 

For week one I think 2 pounds is awesome. I will take it. I am closer then ever to getting  that hot body and most importantly to be healthy. 

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  1. Congrats on making it through week one doll! Keep it up :)


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