Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Sweats [Week 2]

Week 2 

Monday , 4-27:   

45 minutes Heart Kriya Yoga
30 minutes Total Body Cardio Fix
I was stronger this week then I was last week. Although the workout was still hard for me and somethings had to still be modified. But, I was able to push myself a little harder. I did the 45 minute heart kriya yoga practice and meditation. 

Tuesday, 4-28: 

45 minutes yoga (heart Kriya)
30 minutes upper Fix
I was feeling a bit tired today but was also very eager to workout. I was glad I took the time to do my yoga/meditation practice and to do the upper fix workout from The 21 Day Fix. 

Wednesday, 4-29:

I ended up taking a break. I had every intention of working out but was just too tired to get myself to do it. I said I would eat dinner and watch a TV show and then just never got my butt up to do it. However, it was one day and I decided as long as I don't get into the habit of not doing anything I would not beat myself up about it. Obviously, my body needed the rest. 

Thursday, 4-30: 

30 Minutes Pilates Fix
20 Minutes Yoga
I was glad it was the Pilates fix because I was still feeling tired. But, I did manage to get it done. Even taking one day off it was a little hard to motivate myself. I ended up doing 20 minutes of yoga and taking a break from the heart kriya. However, I really want to finish it and plan on getting back to it on Monday. 

Friday, 5-01: 

30 Minutes Yoga
30 Minutes Cardio Fix
I was back at doing the cardio. After not doing cardio for a few days it was a little tougher. But, I pushed myself and got through it. I felt great afterwards and was proud of myself for getting it done. 

Saturday, 5-02: 

20 minutes Yoga
30 Minutes Dirty 30

My neck was not feeling too good all day. So I warmed up with a 20 minute shoulder opening yoga sequence. It really helped to take the pressure off my neck. I know it was from sleeping funny the night before. So, It helped me to push through the Dirty 30 which is mostly lifting weights. I feel it today but in a good way not in a painful way. 

Sunday, 5-03: 

30 Minutes Yoga
30 Minutes Lower Fix

I mostly did stretching yoga today. I did not want to do anything too strenuous. And since I skipped lower fix Wednesday I decided to do it today instead. Plus, my arms needed a break from doing dirty 30 yesterday. 

Weight Loss
Overall This week I lost .5 pounds. A total of 2.5 pounds. Hopefully for my weekly weigh in tomorrow I will be down at least one pound this week. But, I know I am losing inches. And my body is changing. 

 photo 31e53412-bd95-4b60-a2cf-cd40dc297a33_zps9586a904.jpg

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