Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

I can't believe that Halloween is now officially over and we are on our way to the Christmas season. But, let's not forget about Thanksgiving. And now the Christmas movies and music begin. Although, I actually really enjoy  Christmas movies

Happy Halloween from Lucky!!

Of course it's not Halloween without Candy Corn

This reminds me of Lucky

Spooky decorations for Halloween

My Halloween Nails

Me as a Black cat with my Harley Rose

Then I became a Vampire Cat thanks to Snapchat

And I passed out candy to the kids. Then I watched The Purge: Election year. I had to get at least a couple scary movies in for Halloween. But, Sadly I didn't watch Hocus Pocus this year. And of Course had to eat some Halloween candy. I tried the Butterfinger Reese's pieces. 

Now, time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


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