Saturday, February 6, 2021

Currently in February { A Link Up}

: Daily burn for Barre exercises. And Aaptiv is my favorite walking app. They also have some great barre exercises on there as well. I love the mini workouts. The only thing if you are a visual person they don't have too many videos with the exercises. A few of the exercises do have pictures showing the poses. I love that Daily burn is more visual and has oodles of videos to choose from including Daily burn 365. A new workout everyday. Since my microtears in my ankle I can only do low impact workouts right now so I love the variety that both apps offer. If you like upbeat mantras and encouragement Aaptiv is great for that. 

Reading: The listening Path by Julia Cameron. She is the author of the Artists way. The Artists way is a 12 week writing and creative path to more creativity. The listening path is a 6 week course and teaches how listening more to our environment can help with our creativity. I love that Julia Cameron focuses on all creativity not just on writing although writing is primarily why I am going through the course. But, it is inspiring me to get back to other paths of creativity as well. I am also reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I started it years ago and never finished it but now I am. I love her tidbits about writing and creativity. And her no nonsense approach. Julia Cameron really has a no nonsense approach as well. It is inspiring me to get back to writing everyday. 

Remembering: When I went running daily. I miss getting outside and haven't been able to even walk outside since the microtears in my ankle. So, I can't wait until it is actually nice enough outside to go for a walk, And I vow that next winter I will get a gym membership if I can afford it. But, there really is nothing like getting outside in nature. 


Wishlisting: For books of course.  Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg and The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan. 

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