Saturday, March 27, 2021

Consistency is Key

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I have been listening to a lot of personal development lately. Yesterday and today I was listening to Kristen Boss. She teaches about sales. Specifically network marketing sales but her advice can really be applied to anything. Since, I'm in sales with my reselling business, as well as my social selling business, and  was thinking about how I could apply what she was saying to my blogging and writing. One of the main things mentioned is about consistency. I thought back on things I've done and consistency has been a problem of mine. I realized I've always ended up getting burned out when I was not taking care of myself. Or I've gotten depressed and felt like I was having zero success and I must be a failure. It's only these past few months that I'm realizing that even if I am not having success in the sense that I'm a published author, or have a big YouTube channel, or gazillions of followers or people on my team that this does not actually mean that I'm a failure and that I should just quit and give up. 

So, even with my blogging and writing even if I never get a look on this blog or never publish a book I will not stop writing. Just like I will not stop being consistent with my reseller business or my social selling business. In the past I gave up too soon. Or I got burned out or too discouraged and then I put myself and my goals on the backburner. I still have plans for this blog as well as new blog ideas but I can't get discouraged if things are moving slower then I would hope. So, my new goal is to spend at least 20 minutes writing a day. Then maybe the rest will fall into place. And if not then at least I am doing something I'm passionate about that gives me comfort. 

I've been reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and The Artist's way by Julia Cameron. Those two inspire me to write. Next on my list is to read Writing down the bones by Natalie Goldberg. I will link them below if you are need of some inspiration or just a good book on creativity and/or writing. 

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