Thursday, April 15, 2021

I went thrifting! What did I find? #3

I found these 1970's vintage Hummel plates. They are Christmas plates but I decided to go ahead and list them now. Has anyone heard of Christmas in July? I love the idea of celebrating Christmas twice a year. 

I am obsessed with this Peanuts Woodstock tank top

I love the tassels on this LC Lauren Conrad top

This is a basic Torrid Tank but I adore the burgundy wine color

One of three Knox Rose pieces I picked up. I've been obsessed with Knox Rose and it has been a bread and butter brand for me lately. 

I picked this tank top up because it is Harley Davidson. The graphic is worn so that was disappointing but on name alone I'm hoping to sell this. Otherwise, I will probably just keep it for myself if it doesn't sell. 

My second Knox Rose Tank top. The third one already sold. I think this is a great piece for summer. 

What are you currently thrifting? Do you go to garage sales in the summer? 

See something you just can't live without?

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